First News on “Star Wars: Rogue One”

Gareth Edwards, director of 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Chris Weitz, writer on 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Felicity Jones, actress in 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Alexandre Desplat, composer on 'Star Wars: Rogue One'


We still have to wait until December for Episode VII to come out, and we already have some information on the next Star Wars movie. Rogue One will not be like the other episodes, but a stand-alone movie that is rumored to involve bounty hunters. Recently, it was announced that the movie will be released on December 16 2016. It will be directed by Gareth Edwards, known for the latest Godzilla blockbuster, while Chris Weitz will be writing the screenplay, just like in the most recent incarnation of Cinderella. The Theory of Everything‘s acclaimed leading actress, Felicity Jones, will have a role in the movie. Finally, not Star Wars maestro John Williams, but Hollywood’s most wanted composer, Alexandre Desplat, will be writing the soundtrack. Their pictures stand in order above. It looks like a very competent set of people to me. It can only make you excited for the future of Star Wars, with a whole new generation of talented people working on it. And finally, if you want to gaze into the far future, the release date of Episode VIII has also been announced to be on May 26 2017. Share your thoughts in the Star Wars discussion topic.

Slave I Spectacle!

Review: 75060 Slave I, by Masked Builder, on Eurobricks


Still drooling over the LEGO company’s last UCS set, the 75060 Slave I, yet indecisive whether to buy it or not? Rebel Blogger Masked Builder dedicated his time to help you out. He presents us with his in-depth review of the incredible set. It takes a good look at the booklet, the minifigs, the build, the playability and the final model with some very clear pictures. And Masked Builder hit the perfect balance of getting you excited for the build, but not spoiling it for you. So what are you still waiting for? Go on a happy discovery through the model, or fall in love with it once more, with the review.

On an average day that might be more than enough of your dose of Slave I. But today is your lucky day. ZCerberus has taken on the Herculean task of putting all 5 of the Slave I playsets LEGO has produced next to each other for a tremendous review/history lesson/story of the Slave I in all its manifestations. From 2000 to 2015, the tremendous evolution of the parts, colors, designs and minifigs becomes apparent in this tour-de-force. It’s quite a challenge to read it all, but I guarantee that you’ll walk out with a renewed view on your favorite bricks. So fill in the next hour of your agenda with a marvelous journey that begins here.

Slave I Retrospective and UCS Comparison, by ZCerberus, on Eurobricks

Crab on the Menu

Having a Crabby Day, by Brick Productions, on Flickr


Among a great diversity of amazing builds, Brick Productions has created some marvelous Star Wars vignettes. His small scenes don’t feature vast, swooshing ships, but still ooze detail and atmosphere. And his latest build might be the best. The Crab droid gets the main focus, and it totally deserves it: the spindly yet powerful aspect of the machine was captured perfectly, with its sharp toes and angular panels. And there’s our Clone trooper, with his intricate blaster and tense pose. Most scenes would end here, but Brick Productions’ creation goes a step further by creating a beautiful backdrop. A strange ball, some canisters and a never before seen decoration of the floor. It’s complex, it’s beautiful, and it feels like it belongs in the scene. Maybe it’s because it contrasts so well with the soil, pointing out the organic-mechanical duality of the scene. But no matter how, we’re looking at a gorgeously created and pictured scene. It shows that a small scene with no big features can still be impressive, with great machinery, backdrop, base, props, figure posing, photography… When there’s so much to learn, how could anyone even begin on making a large scene? I think looking some more at Brick Production’s builds wouldn’t hurt, so check out his Flickr account.

That’s no moon it’s a space station!

 Death Star, by Brickplumber, on flickr


A long time ago, when I’d just started Blogging for Eurobricks, I found a few photos of this MOC when it was only partially built.  At the time I was really quite impressed by it, and I remember thinking that if anyone could replicate the huge dimensions of the Death Star in a LEGO format, Brickplumber would be one of the few who had the talent to achieve it.  Anyway, it’s finally complete and comprises over 150,000 parts and is beautifully backlit with 3,000 LEDS!  It’s difficult to estimate the size of it from the photos, but it’s clearly very substantial.  It includes the usual humorous touches you’d expect; including an army of construction workers, a bar complete with Classic Spacemen, Lord Vader trying to give the Emperor flowers and even Darth Maul lurking in one of the corridors!  However, my favourite elements are the hangar and the scene showing Ben Kenobi disabling the tractor beam (above).  Head over to flickr and take a look.

Rebels Reviews: Fire Across the Galaxy

Posted Image

What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: There was a lot of hype for this finale. From the drastically improved quality of the past two episodes to the impressive looking trailer, everything seemed to suggest that this episode was going to be amazing, but having been disappointed by The Clone Wars so many times, I tried not to get my hopes up. And you know what? It wasn’t amazing… it was far better than that! Continue reading

[UCS] Midas Touch!

 UCS C-3PO, by Anio, on Eurobricks


There are a few builders who have the ability to regularly create MOCs of such an exceptional standard it’s almost like they have a magical touch.  And, for Anio’s latest creation, it’s certainly true as he’s managed to convert a humble array of LEGO elements into pure Gold!

I’ve seen several attempts at creating a ‘definitive’ C-3PO, but I think that this is the best yet.  Although the parts have been chromed, and his waist has been constructed on non-standard parts, it’s still instantly recognisable as LEGO, and Anio has managed to capture the ‘character’ of C-3PO perfectly.  I don’t want to guess how much the parts cost, but if you’re looking for the ultimate version of everyone’s second-favourite droid, this may be the opportunity that you’ve been looking for!  Head over the Star Wars forum to see some other great images of this truly beautiful creation.

[SoNE Ep. VIII] Shaping the Odds

[SoNE Ep. VIII] Shaping the Odds, on Eurobricks


The dark times of the Galactic Civil War have allowed criminals to thrive under its cover. The most notorious syndicate of them all is the Black Sun. In an attempt to gain power, they want to join forces with the Empire. The Rebel Alliance cannot allow this, and Darth Vader isn’t too happy about it either. So both sides try to stop the syndicate, by infiltrating their ranks. The podraces, surrounded by all kinds of illegal betting activities, form the perfect scene. Both sides struggle for control over the race. Whoever controls them most, will get noticed by the trained criminals…

This is the back story for the eighth episode of the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka (SoNE) building/role playing game/contest right in our own Eurobricks Star Wars forum. Every player can build a scene showing his character manipulating the race, sabotaging podracers, bribing pilots, learning the intricacies of the betting… and in parallel, each team tries to predict the outcome of the episode for extra bonus points. Do you want to have a major impact on the race and possibly on the fate of the galaxy? Then find out all about the contest here. You can sign up as long as the contest is running!