The Old Ship’s New Clothes

Commander Sato's Flagship, by TheNerdyOne_, on Eurobricks


You might not be very familiar with the Pelta-class frigate. It has been around for a time though. It served in The Clone Wars, and we’ve seen glimpses of it in the trailer for the second season of Rebels. It looks as amazing as ever, complete with a new paint scheme. This prompted TheNerdyOne_ to show it some love. He’s one of the first to render this ship in our beloved bricks, and with quite some success. He captured the interesting shape carefully, keeping the sense of design history in it. I love how the perfectly shaped front section fits so nicely in the angled hull, with the flaps in the back making the flow of the ship complete: he perfectly accented the lines with ridges and colors. The ship isn’t overloaded with greebles, but the details that are there really stand out. That black block in the middle is just gorgeous, and you have to like the docking area. And the more subtle details like the shapes in the black areas, and the tiny turrets everywhere complete the model. The details being not to pronounced give the model a really clean and effective look, and shows the builder really understands the ship. Not bad for a ship without a lot of screen time. So get to know this beautiful ship better, complete with its new clothes and its hidden innards in the topic. Maybe it will make you consider what superfluous things not to recreate on your next creation…

The Awe Awakens

You’re going to see a lot more of these ‘continue reading’ links around here. We’ve decided to use those for every article containing pictures concerning episode VII, in case you want to see the movie without knowing what to expect, just like myself. But there’s no stopping the amazing creations people are building. We feature markus1984 again, with the definitive version of a scene that hasn’t been even in theaters yet. He brings us his second rather unique AT-AT. This time, he had no deadline and has been working on it for months. So I daresay this one is even more impressive than his first one.

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Pew-pew! for experts

Angry Senator Battle Pack, by Ninja Nin, on Eurobricks


The Star Wars Battle Pack contest has been going on for three weeks now, and your chances on winning are growing ever smaller. Not only has there been a great response, but some entries defy what you thought was possible with the limitations of a battle pack. Ninja Nin‘s Angry Senator Battle Pack is a testimony to that fact. It presents us with a very good looking senate pod, quite probably the most visible Star Wars object that has seen the least LEGO iterations. The pod features all the necessary details like the desk, lights and hoverpads. But this is also the first creation that brings the political bickering of the Prequel Trilogy alive. Throw around your arguments and disprove the other party! It’s a funny, intelligent and never before seen take on the concept of the battle pack, and shows that you don’t need a lot of bricks to convey an awesome concept. So dig up those failed pies and take that fish you don’t like eating. The fight goes on in this topic.

Rebel Special Forces Battlepack, by Artizan, on Eurobricks


Artizan‘s Rebels Special Forces battle pack is more serious. In fact, it would fit perfectly in the line of existing sets, with the difference that this one shows how it has to be done. With just these few parts, the creation conveys a certain atmosphere, and has an overall professional look to it. That without any fancy parts usages: it just shows that every brick is exactly in the right place. What makes this a great battle pack furthermore, is the division of the bricks in two builds. A turretst with a lovely shape with just the right offsets, and a console with good angles and textures. It gives you something to defend, and something to defend with, creating endless possibilities for playing, even without any elaborate functions. It’s genius, efficient and professional in its simplicity: a quality that’s very hard to describe, let alone to nail down. So let yourself go and imagine all the battles you would be fighting in the topic. Or if your bloodlust has really awoken, submit an entry to the contest before the end of May

Artoo, I’ve a feeling we’re not on Alderaan any more…

The Wonderful Jedi Master of Oz, by vitreolum, on Eurobricks


Ah, the jolly girl with her adorable robot whose ship was swallowed up by a Star Destroyer, who made friends in a world somewhere over the Milky Way. Then encountered strange little creatures, and became friends with the raggedy smuggler, the tin man with a hard of gold and the imposing Wookiee who wouldn’t hurt a fly (as long as it would let him win). And set out on a quest to defeat the wicked Sith of the West… When put like that, the similarities between Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz are quite obvious. But you have to have vitreolum‘s creative eye to conceive them. So it is he who brings his cross-over mastery and character building wizardry together in this unique creation.

The joy and enthusiasm of the original scene burst from the screen, with the jolly band hopping across the yellow brick road. The Dorothy/Princess Leia mash up looks completely acceptable, and I just love the way that skirt is shaped. C-3PO looks stunning as well, with both an incredible shape and incredible details for the scale. He looks very substantial and machine like, and somehow I love those legs. Han has that fabulous swashbuckler-look, careless as the scarecrow, and connects perfectly to Chewie. Everyone’s favorite wookiee is presented here like never before, with just the right amount of texturing in his fur, and sufficient curves in it. He does look very frightening and imposing, although his look reveals what’s underneath. Maybe vitreolum built better characters than ever before, just for this fun scene. You can admire it for more than it just being a creative mash up. But to be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of scenes that come close to this level of originality. Seeing Star Wars with whole new eyes already? Who knows what’s next! You only have to follow the hyper-link road.

The MOCcers Awaken…

I have to confess something… I haven’t watched any of the The Force Awakens trailers. I’m trying to keep myself completely spoiler-free, and although I’ve seen some images, I can honestly say I still have not the slightest idea what the movie will be about. The thing is, I can’t just ignore these beautiful MOCs people are creating based on images from the trailer. So if you don’t care about spoilers (actually, it are just LEGO representations of scenes in the trailer, so no real spoilers) at all, or if you are willing to abandon your information-bubble, have a look at three marvelous MOCs based on the trailer after the jump.

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The fastest interior in the galaxy

Millennium Falcon, by Titans creations, on Flickr


“Chewie, we’re home” – This line has mesmerized Star Wars fans ever since the second trailer for episode VII came out. But what did “home” look like again? Yes, the hunk of junk with the iconic cockpit, the chess table, the corridors, the turrets… you know the big rooms, but do you really know every nook and cranny? ‘Titans creations’ gives finally gives you the opportunity to discover it all, from the most iconic locations to the hidden spots you couldn’t even imagine. Because this group of builders from Singapore built a minifig scale Millennium Falcon interior for a display in Legoland Malaysia. 40% bigger than the behemoth that was the UCS Falcon, it features everything that model lacked: an interior worthy to its exterior. I love how they filled the model with both rather spacious rooms where the passengers come, and areas stuffed with technology. It creates a very practical look and makes it interesting to look at. You also have to admire the asymmetry in the model in just the right amount. It gave the builders the opportunity to cram every single detail in there, because yes, they even built a toilet. So take your time to admire this creation two months in the making. Scan all 110 cm of it, enjoying the twisted tubing, curved coridors, varied vents, exciting engines and exhilarating easter-eggs. It really is too much to talk about. So head over to the fantastic Flickr album, and please, make yourself at home.

Have a closer look at the 2015 summer sets

75093 Death Star Final Duel official picture, on


Live in suspense no longer. If you were waiting for official pictures of the 2015 Star Wars sets (excluding the episode VII sets), that is. Official pictures of 5 sets have been revealed, and I must confess looking at them from all angles, they seem to have a lot of potential. The pictures also showcase some of the functions, interiors, and minifigures included in the sets. So if you want to prepare your summer expenses, have a closer look at the Flash Speeder, the Naboo Starfighter, the Death Star Final Duel, the Imperial Shuttle Tyderium and the Imperial Assault Carrier in this gallery. Discuss all the bricky goodness in the Pictures and Rumors thread.

75094 Imperial Shuttle Tyderium official picture, on