Episode VII – Crashed Star Destroyer

 Crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku, by KevFett2011, on Eurobricks


As most of you are probably aware I’m an OT fan, so when I saw the second teaser for The Force Awakens for the first time I was immediately taken by the crashed Star Destroyer that appears in one of the opening scenes.  It was quite odd to see the wrecked hull of it partially buried in a featureless expanse of a desert, but it looked just right and that leads me neatly onto this latest MOC by KevFett2011.

Measuring 75cm x 75cm, it’s taken him four months to build and in my opinion it’s KevFett2011’s best creation to date.  The Star Destroyer is impressive in itself; it’s obviously substantial and includes a mass of surface detailing and he’s used a clever mixture of dark-bluish grey and reddish-brown elements to replicate the damage caused by the harsh environmental conditions.  The surrounding sand dunes are superbly re-created and add a great final touch to it.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a better look at this stunning MOC.

[SoNE Ep. IX] In the Shadow of the Sun

Episode IX: In the Shadow of the Sun, on Eurobricks


You’ve waited long enough, but finally it’s here: the next episode of the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka! In this ninth episode, it proves nearly impossible to bring the Black Sun crime syndicate down, and the factions decide to try for an alliance instead. This means their agents have to fully cooperate with the organization in order to get more information and to earn some favors. But is the smuggling, spying and downright killing worth it?

So if you like building something different in the Star Wars universe, if you like telling stories or if you crave for a warm community, join right in! As an extra motivation, in this episode we have some prizes to give away. RoyalBrickCustoms has kindly offered to design and provide some unique SoNE-themed cloth minifig accessories! More details on that later. The episode is open until September 19th, and new players can join at any time. For more information about the episode, go to this topic. And if you’d like to know more about our building role playing game and would like to register, here‘s the recruitment office.


Episode IX: In the Shadow of the Sun, on Eurobricks

The Ateryn Dawn

The Ateryn Dawn, by The Librarian, on Eurobricks


Have you ever heard of the Ateryn Dawn?  No, well apparently it could do the Kessel run very quickly, or so I’ve been told!  This is the first MOC that Eurobricks member, The Librarian, has made for a long time and it’s the personal starship of Jedi Shadown Rhaga Venn.  At 87cm long it’s a sizeable model, and he’s taken inspiration from the Blockade Runner and Republic Cruiser and blended these together to create a very elegant design.  When I first saw it, I was reminded of some of Bob De Quatre’s MOCs; meticulously constructed, distinctive and crammed with great details.  It’s one of those models which looks impressive from virtually every angle, but I particularly like the oversized engines which give a indication of its potential speed, plus the subtle aging of the hull which help to break up the expanse of greys.  Personally I think that the top cannons are a little too long, but otherwise I can’t fault it.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look.

EBSWF Blog Interview: Bob De Quatre

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INTERVIEW: Bob De Quatre

Bob De Quatre avatarToday we’re interviewing Bob De Quatre, our very own Sci-Fi Moderator and a talented builder from France.

EBSWF: So, Bob, how did you get into the LEGO hobby? What is it that attracts you in Space and Star Wars in particular?

I guess I get into Lego hobby like most of us here, by being a child playing with Lego… My collection back then was already mostly space themed, with Blacktron and M-tron sets. I’m also a 7th art lover, again mostly Sci-Fi. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid. I was 9 or 10 when I first saw RotJ on my uncle’s TV, he watching the movie while I was playing with… Legos. I have a photographic memory,  and some scenes like the Sarlac pit were carved in my mind. I guess that not long after that I started watching the movies and dived deep in a galaxy far, far away…. Continue reading

[MOC] UCS B-Wing

 UCS B-Wing, by Bob De Quatre, on Eurobricks


I was chatting to EB’s Sci-Fi Moderator Bob De Quatre a few months ago and he mentioned that he was working on a Star Wars project, and asked if I would be interested in helping him with it.  So after a lot of emails, several LDD files and couple of suggestions from me, Bob’s latest MOC is finished and I hope you’ll agree that it’s well worth the countless hours that he’s dedicated to it.

I’ve tinkered with LDD and, to be honest, it has driven me to distraction on more than one occasion so I’m constantly in awe of those who have mastered the complexities of it.  Perhaps I’m too old for such things!   Anyway, it’s been great to see the transition from LDD into real elements, and it looks even better than I’d imagined.

I know that Bob struggled with the cockpit, and tried several designs before finally settling on this.  The curves of it are very difficult to replicate with LEGO, and whilst Bob’s design isn’t perfect, I feel that it’s a significant improvement on the short-lived 10227.  The rest of the MOC is stunning, with every surface using ‘SNOT’ techniques to give it a beautiful smoothness, and it’s crammed with every imaginable detail.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look the other photos of Bob’s very own B-Wing!

UCS Sith Infiltrator

 UCS Sith Infiltrator, by Anio, on Eurobricks


There are a handful of LEGO builders that have an almost magical ability to create MOCs, and you just know that when they release something new it’s bound to be worth a look.  Anio is one of those talented few, and in the last few years he‘s built a reputation for excellence amongst the SW community, which leads me neatly onto his latest creation.

I’ll admit that the Sith Infiltrator isn’t anywhere near my favourite ship, and won’t ever be in the same league as the Falcon, Star Destroyer, Nebulon B or Slave 1, but it does have a certain appeal and Anio has clearly tried his best to replicate it at a UCS-scale.  His MOC is very close the original shape, and Anio’s made the best of the limited details available to add interest to it.  In particular, the dark red slopes used for the front screen and exposed greebling along the hull look great, and help to set it apart from other versions that I’ve seen.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a closer look.

The Sacred Baseplates of Endor

Battle of Endor, by StarWarsKev, on Flickr


StarWarsKev must have quite a fascination for his UCS Imperial shuttle. Almost a year ago, he built an excellent piece of scenery for it. It was big, rich and detailed. Well, it was, because now he treats us on an amazing battle of Endor. There have been a couple of incredible creations depicting the epic battle, so you might think it has become hard to wow us. And yet, that’s exactly what his creation does. What makes his creation unique, is the presence of quite a few iconic locations, like the landing platform, the bunker, and the shield generator. Especially that last one hasn’t been rendered a lot in its full glory. And this version is immediately the definitive one, with the perfect intricate shape and tasty textures, and complete with bat shelter. The bunker is much smaller, but as notable, because of its incredible trapezoidal shape. Furthermore, it sits perfectly in three dimensions. In general, I love the slight height differences in the landscape, where most creations are very flat. Complemented by that ubiquitous vegetation, not perfectly straight trees and differently colored patches, the scene feels all the more natural, and the artificial elements feel more like a strain on the landscape. It tells the perfect story. So admire it in the Flickr album, and don’t forget to check out the WIP thread to discover all the little secrets to making more than your average mind-boggling diorama.