SoNE Episode IV: Reinforcements are on their way!

 SoNE Episode IV entry, by Bob De Quatre, on EB


With the deadline for SoNE Episode IV fast approaching, there’s been a flurry of entries during the last 24 hours, and this one by EB’s Sci-Fi Regulator Bob De Quatre is one of the very best.  Bob is well known for his innovative LDD designs and, unsurprisingly, he just couldn’t resist adding a Rebel (rescue) ship to it.  Apparently, it’s Bob’s first attempt at anything terrestrial, but this design shows that his talents aren’t limited to ships! The exposed rocks are really well done, and the sewer exhaust is a nice little touch, which helps to break up the expanse of lava. There’s lots of other entries to see in Watto’s Junkyard, so head over and take a look.

Another Coruscant

Another Coruscant, by Gerechtigkeitsliga, on EB


Last October I blogged about a Coruscant MOC by Gerechtigkeitsliga, which was impressive not only in scale but in level of details it contained.  Well, since then Gerechtigkeitsliga has decided to raise the bar again, with this stunning MOC.  I’ve been watching the progress of it with interest since he started a new WIP thread in December, and it’s undoubtedly going to be a masterpiece!  I always find it difficult to judge the size of MOCs, but one of the photos includes a UCS Falcon, and from that it’s clearly rather substantial!  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look at it, you won’t be disappointed.

C-3P0 – The early years

 C-3PO unfinished, by  Kazumi and Omar Ovalle, on flickr


To be honest, Episode I isn’t my favourite of the franchise, but there are a couple of moments that make it bearable.  One of these has got to be seeing little Ani showing off his partly-constructed protocol droid that he’s built himself from scratch, whilst having a full time job, helping his mum, and constructing a full scale podracer! Anyway, I’ve just found this bust by Kazumi and Omar Ovalle of C-3PO, and was instantly impressed by it.  The head is very well designed; with clever use of sloping elements for the exoskeleton, and just the right amount of hoses to replicate the mass of wires and circuitry.  Head over to flickr and take a look at everyone’s favourite droid!

Official images of the 2014 summer wave

 New 2014 sets, by thebrickfan

Thanks to we now have the official images of the summer wave of 2014 sets including the following: Snowspeeder (75049), B-Wing (75050), Jedi Scout Fighter (75051), Mos Eisley Cantina (75052), AT-AT (75054) and Imperial Star Destroyer (75055).  For me the clear highlights are Mos Eisley and the Star Destroyer which both look must buys, although as previously mentioned by other EB members, perhaps some of the printing is just getting a bit too much.  In particular, Luke seems to bordering on the scary side of the force!  Head over to the Star Wars forum and join in the debate.

AT-AT (version 2.0)

Description, by builder, on site


It’s already proving to be a great year for UCS-style MOCs, and EB member rx79gez8gundam has continued this trend by posting several images of his latest LDD AT-AT.  It comprises an impressive 3,398 parts, is accurately scaled, and boasts some great details including a full interior.  I’m surprised that we haven’t seen an official UCS AT-AT, but if any future version was similar in terms of size and quality I’m sure that most fans would be very happy indeed!  You can see other images of it on MOCpages and join in the discussion about it in the Star Wars forum.

Jabba’s Sail Barge

Anio, Master of the UCS MOCs, is at it again! This time he is treating us to his rendition of Jabba’s Sail Barge. It looks wonderful if you ask me. Some of you may be thinking it looks a little simple, you would be right but, he has designed it with a full interior!

Click the picture to see more!