The Olympics come once a year

The steam has only just settled after FBTB’s MOC Madness, and here is the next event that will give us a huge amount of quality creations for the weeks to come. It are the MOC Olympics held by the German LEGO Star Wars forum Imperium der Steine. After the success of last year, this contest is back. Per round, builders can pick a category in which they will fight for glory. And as you’ll see, that fighting is taken very seriously.


Battle of Hoth, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


Blog regular markus1984 left Steampunk behind him and built in the category “Place your set”, just like StarWarsKev in the article below. Markus1984 only just said in his interview that he wanted to make a battle of Hoth diorama, and that is just what he did for his AT-AT set. It might not be the huge display he had in mind, but it certainly already is phenomenal. The texture of the snow alone is great, smooth and yet with small bumps and some dunes. The irregular edge with the contrasting black below makes for an awesome presentation. The trench really steals the show, however. Here the beautifully messy snow technique culminates with smooth weaponry in a realistic, action packed fighting scene. This is yet another astonishing build that strikes the perfect balance between smooth order and tasteful chaos. Have a closer look at it in the topic!


Forced negotiations, by Disco86, on Imperium der Steine


Maybe Disco86 can be happy not to be in the same category as his colleague. Nevertheless, he only just went through a hard month of Iron Builder, and he already presents his next masterpiece. A representation from one of the Prequel Trilogy’s very first scenes is his entry in the category “build a 32×32 scene for a promotional minifigure”. Again, it is a very smooth yet detailed build. All off the shapes, from the panels in the wall, to the chairs, to the door, yes even to the perfect girders in the ceiling, are perfectly translated in the brick. And apart from the obvious beautiful detail on the door, elements integrated into the walls give it an amazing appearance. The lonely stud is for the promotional figure that is still missing, but I bet you can already picture who should be there. We’ll have to wait a while for the creation to be complete, but it is already a beauty, as you can see on Flickr. All in all, I’m happy these two builds are in different categories. I really can’t decide which one I like most!

Ultimate Collector’s Scenery

Rebels landing on Endor, by StarWarsKev, on Flickr


We’re continuing the trend of scenery worthy of the UCS models it is surrounding. For his Imperial Shuttle, StarWarsKev decided not to build the usual Death Star hangar or Endor landing platform. Instead, he built a fantastic depiction of the small scene in which the Rebels first set foot on the forest moon of Endor. There are a lot of ways to build vegetation, but this diorama captures the Endor feel perfectly. There are of course the gorgeous and gigantic trees, but there’s a lot of clear space as well, where small bushes thrive. The variation in nature and size of the trees make for a realistic forest. The vast and yet varied ground coverage sells it all, with bushes and rocks, and the fact that it isn’t all green. We really have some ultimate collector’s vegetation here! Explore the forest in StarWarsKev’s Flickr album, and breathe in the healthy air of vegetation and ABS.

The tight trench

Attack on the Death Star, by Lord X, on Imperium der Steine


Have a closer look. Indeed, that is a LEGO creation you’re looking at. ‘Lord X’ built this glorious trench run diorama for the Star Wars Days at the Legoland Discovery Center in Oberhausen, Germany. Although the event took place at the end of August, he began building on this massive creation in March. The huge amount of time and dedication really shows: that trench is fantastic. There’s a great variety in details with pipes, holes, grills, antennas and other oddities, which is remarkable considering the limited source material. Better still, it succeeds in being more than just a wall of random details. There’s depth and structure to it, achieved by leaving gaps between panels of greebles, and filling them up with black. Together with the slight relief in the details, this makes for a highly chaotic but still manageable structure, true to the movie. The UCS Red Five and TIE Advanced soar beautifully through this realistic scene. Have a look at all of the pictures (including one of a marvelous turbolaser!) here, or witness all of the stages of conception and building on the WIP thread on Imperium der Steine (in German).

Letting off steam…

Steampunk Millennium Falcon, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


It’s over. But the Steam Wars MOC Madness competition at FBTB ended with a bang. For the finals, the four remaining builders could build anything Star Wars related. Eurobricks member and lord of the brick markus1984 spent 6 days on his amazing Millennium Falcon. It’s just as big and handsome as the official UCS set, considered to be one of the best sets to date. As a bonus, every possible surface (including the underside) is covered in delicious details, with pipes, grills bumps and tasteful studs. But there’s even more: this beauty is equipped with a full interior. Boilers, barrels, propellers and guns give it a very industrial and efficient look. One picture can hardly do all the clever details and creative touches justice. So indulge yourself in this topic.

Steampunk Sebulba's Boonta Steam Podracer, by Rolli, on Eurobricks


This article isn’t over just yet! Markus1984’s adversary, Rolli, stood up to the monster with a very impressive Sebulba’s podracer. It’s somewhat different from his usual clean builds, but he shows here that he masters dirty details as well. The expert use of color and the phenomenal construction of all the round shapes are admirable. The fact that each and every area got a lot of attention is incredible as well. Because not only are the big engines really well built and detailed, with a load of different textures, but the pod didn’t get left behind, as sometimes happens with this sort of creations. But Rolli gives us some more lovely engine detail there, along with a very nice looking cockpit. You can leave your congratulations in the Eurobricks topic.

After a month of pressure, markus1984’s Falcon won the race. Rolli has nothing to be ashamed of with his second place. Legopard won the duel for the third place from goatman461. It was a great contest with an incredible amount of stunning entries. There’s inspiration here for years. If you want to view all of the entries for the contest, you can check out the gallery. A big thanks to the organizers and the participants for giving us an amazing month!

She’s making the jump to real life

Super Star Destroyer Executor, on Kickstarter


Remember the incredible 13 foot (4 meters) Super Star Destroyer MOC by Foxhound, from half a year ago? It was a huge masterpiece, with details unlike anything seen before. Unfortunately, it was only a digital model. Presently, Foxhound has decided to take it a step further: the Executor is making the jump to real life. Apart from all the structural challenges, it will be very hard to get all of the 90.000 bricks together. For this, the creator needs help. That’s why he started a Kickstarter campaign. If the project reaches 15.500 CAD by the fourth of October, this amazing model will become a reality and visits shows around America. Keep in mind that this will be more than a personal MOC, and rather a work of art. If you want to support this project, go to the Kickstarter page. Perks include beautiful posters and instructions for Brickdoctor’s Star Destroyer MOC (on scale to the Executor model). And if you want to have a closer look at the model, the Eurobricks topic is the place to be.

75060 UCS Slave I Pics Revealed

Our Bothan spy just2good has uncovered high-resolution pictures of this year’s highly anticipated UCS set, the Slave I. Like all UCS sets, it comes with a stand with a plaque and includes 4 minifigures: Boba Fett, Han Solo in Carbonite, a Bespin guard, and a Stormtrooper. While some may be disappointed over the lack of new characters, the minifigures that are included all sport new prints, most notably Boba who features both arm and leg printing for the first time since the Cloud City set from 2003. The true highlight of the set, however, is the ship itself which is huge and features a new smooth windshield mold! It’s the most accurate minifigure-scale Slave I to date and is expected to hit store shelves this fall. Are you excited for this set? Discuss it in our 2014 Pictures and Rumors thread, but play nice. No disintegrations!