“Welcome, young Skywalker”

 Welcome, young Skywalker, by Nilsøn Lewiński, on flickr

“Welcome, young Skywalker,” the Evil One smiled graciously. ”I have been expecting you.”

Following the release of the new ‘Death Star Final Duel’ set (75093) I’ve seen several great re-creations of this classic scene, and I thought it was about time to blog one of them.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, Luke finally meets the Evil Emperor, and without any provocation his Dad throws the defenceless Emperor into a bottom-less chasm, which I always felt was a little unfair!

Anyway, I was looking around flickr today and found this image by the highly talented Nilsøn Lewiński, and he’s managed to create another masterpiece.  Somehow, Nilsøn has managed to capture both the look and ‘feel’ of the scene perfectly and I cannot fault it.  The lighting is excellent, and he’s even managed to add just the right amount of shadow the Emperor’s face to make him suitably menacing!  Head over to flickr and take a look at this stunning piece of LEGO artwork, and while you’re there browse through the rest of Nilsøn’s photostream, you won’t be disappointed.

SDCC Star Wars exclusive set: the official pictures

SDCC Star Wars exclusive set official picture, on Eurobricks


It won’t be long before the San Diego Comic Cons opens the doors, to let thousands of fans in to indulge theirselves in panels, stands, costumes about their favorite obsessions. As usual, LEGO will be offering an exclusive set for sale at their booth for $39.99. With 177 pieces, the set is a nice micro representation of everything there’s to see on Dagobah, although a Dragonsnake doesn’t seem to be included. The micro X-wing is identical to the 2011 advent calendar one, and Artoo doesn’t seem to be different from the one from Anakin’s starfighter. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet set, and a perfect fit with the micro Tatooine build from Star Wars Celebration. I wonder, if the exclusive builds introduced the microfighters line, we’ll ever see similar sets in stores… For now, discuss it in the Pictures and Rumors topic.

Banana? Meiloorun Fruit!

Minion Yoda, by car_mp, on Flickr


Minions! You either love or hate them, and although they’ve managed to show up more or less anywhere, I wager you hadn’t expected seeing them here. You have car_mp to thank. He has been turning all sorts of characters into LEGO minions over the last couple of months. Recently, he has been decorating our favorite characters with a single, googly eye and a cylindrical body. Sounds absurd, but the result is rather pleasant. In the picture above, we’re still seeing the spirit of Yoda, and not some grotesque piece of merchandise. For a minion, he still has that mysterious demeanor and sense of wisdom over him. Impossible? Well, it is a day of surprises! And if this wonderful piece hasn’t turned you to the yellow side, have a look at other creations forging Star Wars, Minions and superb small scale building into cute miracles you have to like, like the Minion in carbonite below. So check out car_mp’s photostream for more, or mourn over the fact Disney hasn’t acquired the rights over the Minions yet, ruling out possible guest appearances in future movies. Oh well…


Minion Yoda, by car_mp, on Flickr

Of Flesh and ABS

Ralph McQuarrie's Han Solo, by Concore, on Flickr


On this blog, we strive to show you the best creations from the LEGO Star Wars universe. And scrolling down, we hope you see loads of great MOCs. However, you might notice something’s missing. Looking at Concore‘s amazing work made me realize this. You see, we’ve featured so many MOCs, but we haven’t touched a lot on the subject of custom Star Wars minifigures. You might think there’s not so much creativity involved in that, as most characters have already been done and a single minifig can’t possibly be as much work as an entire creation. Or it could be your opinion that the results are often quite weak compared to the grandiose, detailed and realistic MOCs. But once you’ve seen Concore’s work, you know that can’t be true. We’ve featured some of his decals long ago, but recently he has started to create completely new, highly detailed and absolutely gorgeous minifigs, from Doctor Who over Tintin to our beloved franchise. Above, you can see his recent and possibly best creation. It is indeed a Star Wars figure, since it’s a representation of the original concept art Ralph McQuarrie did for Han Solo. It’s hard for us to think about what the famous smuggler could have been, except for what he is, but here we have plenty of fuel for our imagination. It’s an incredible figure, with personality through all of the details and the pose. It’s as expressive as a minifigure can get, and it doesn’t need an elaborate setting to tell a story. With this kind of incredible creations, Concore is filling up the gaps in the minifigure population we never know we missed. So go on a blind date on his Flickr, and meet all of those characters you never saw, but now can’t look away from.

The Emperor’s Finest Minifigures

Yinchorr - Royal Guard Academy, by Disco86, on Eurobricks


Over the years, I’ve noticed this trend in the Star Wars MOCcing world. Builders are shifting away their attention from the classic vehicles and scene, most of them already done to perfection by a talented builder. More and more, we’re starting to see new and fresh scenes from the Expanded Universe. You might remember Disco86’s Mount Tantiss cloning chamber from almost a year ago. With his Royal Guard Academy, he demonstrates once more how capable he is in converting a minimum of source material into a believable and unbelievable scene. The Academy where the Emperor’s finest soldiers are trained appears in a few frames of the The Crimson Empire comic book series. Disco86 totally surpassed it with his monumental build, incorporating the known elements and enhancing them. That pitt is amazing, not in the least because of all of the small details giving it a sense of scale and lethal refinement. The barren landscape and the stark rocks, the brutal elements forced to be of use, they lift the spartan impression to a new level. The silent black and white trainees give it a ghostly appearance. And then there’s the shuttle, of which you’re not sure it looks more like a swan or a vulture. I think it’s incredible how the builder managed to create a scene that radiates such silence, such power and such menace, without using any stereotype. It’s completely new to me, not only in the Star Wars universe. You can feel the chills yourself if you’re going to inspect the premises of Legoland Germany in the period of 4-7 June. Or you can just go on a round through the topic.

You decide who wins this battle

Star Wars Battle Pack Contest voting, on Eurobricks


The Battle Pack contest is coming to an end. 59 entries entered the arena, and became each other’s foes, more fearsome than any of those three beasts. I haven’t been able to blog as many of the stunning entries as I would have liked, so be sure to have a look at the 27 best of them. You can vote for your favorite two creations here, and who knows, they might win a nice battle pack of their own. So visit the thread and drool at all of the marvelous entries, and be disappointed that you can’t buy these in stores… But don’t let that stop you!

Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Gameplay

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 (E3 for short) is currently being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and in addition to some gameplay footage from the upcoming Lego Dimensions (which sadly does not include Star Wars), we were also shown some new multiplayer gameplay from the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront. The game continues to look impressive. The graphics are clearly the best of any Star Wars game to date and the gameplay seems pretty fun. What do you think? Will it live up to the previous Star Wars Battlefront games? You can discuss the game here and you can follow the E3 Live coverage here.

UPDATE: Another Gameplay trailer has been posted, this time showing off the co-op gameplay during a Survival Mode mission on Tatooine.