The Great Cave of Dathomir

Dathomir Rancor Cavern, by Outworlder, on Eurobricks


Forget about that Sarlacc. There are worse things out there, and right now you should be running from this Rancor Cavern. Because Outworlder shows everything to give you the creeps. Above the big, black, ominous entrance to the cave a clear warning sign towers. The cave itself looks like a dark and twisted fortress, invincible with its crooked towers. It stands alone in a barren wasteland, breathing dead: even the trees look like they would kill for food… This creation really inspires some dark and gloomy thoughts. It speaks to the advantage of the amazing talent of the builder that every single brick in this creation contributes to the atmosphere: even without any fancy backgrounds, the creation has a strong presence. Apart from the obvious dark things, an important factor in the atmosphere being so moody, is the realism of the creation. The terrain is dusty and inaccessible, the rocks are sharp and have an interesting presence of both natural and artificial shapes, the vegetation is dry and dark, the bones are everywhere. All the natural details and textures make it more believable, and much more to be feared. It’s a unique Star Wars creation, amazing and terrifying. If you’re ready to face it in its full terror/glory, with a new kind of horror on every corner, check out the topic. We don’t guaranty that you’ll return.

Rebels Review: Rebel Resolve

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What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: Yet another great episode! The season’s finale is looking good after this strong sequel to last week’s episode. The Empire remains threatening and efficient, so I love how they didn’t get any weaker compared to last episode just for the sake of plot. Continue reading

Another Sarlacc Enterprise

Jawa recycling station, by PierroLego16, on Techlug


Techlug‘s “What’s at the bottom of the Sarlacc” got some very creative answers. DanSto already showed us there’s a Jawa juice distillery down there. And now PierroLego16 confirms how good the Sarlacc really is good for economy, by showing off the Jawa’s recycling plant. Who would have ever guessed the Jawas were so environmentally concerned? Assisted by a small army of droids, they recover whatever precious resources they can, from what/who people think they can’t use anymore. They transport it with a series of cranes and small vehicles to other parts of the factory to give it a new life. Those vehicles are completely electrically powered and rechargeable by the way. Yes, here we see yet another very creative and talented builder at work. PierroLego16 really managed to capture the gritty and dark industrial look, matching it perfectly with the Star Wars universe. The factory with its browns, its small details and seemingly haphazard elements reminds of the Sandcrawler, making it perfectly natural. And details like walkways (with railings), power core, air vents and communication equipment make it realistic. This build is a perfect and beautiful example of how something new and creative can still feel right if you introduce the right elements. And that an interesting concept, combined with some amazing building contraptions and the sweet charm of a playset, remembers us why we love the bricks so much. So go underground once more and check out all corners of the facility on Techlug (in French).

You still want a cup of Jawa juice?

Sarlacc's nectar and the truth about Boba's escape, y DanSto, on Eurobricks


The contests held by Techlug, a French forum specialized in LEGO Technic and Star Wars, always feature a very creative objective. Take that time the participants had to imagine and make an All-Terrain Dewback Transporter, or had to come up with a tribute to Jabba or Artoo. The question around which the last contest revolved is “What’s at the bottom of the Great Pitt of Carkoon?”. A Jawa juice distillery, is DanSto’s answer. He built an impressive creation showcasing the most gruesome part of the Sarlacc, it’s belly, and a wound in it. Through that wound, digestive saps flow that the Jawa’s discovered and learned to distill in a supposedly delicious drink. They named it, inappropriately poetic, the Sarlacc’s nectar. And did you know this is the way Boba Fett managed to escape? You see DanSto is a very creative storyteller. But he’s an incredible builder as well. The sculpting of the layers of sand and rock is beautiful, the technical installations are very interesting and the organic texture of the Sarlacc is… frighteningly realistic. There are loads of small details and techniques to be admired in this creation. The rich textures are my highlight though. I love the use of smooth versus studded surfaces for the dunes, or the expert mixture of different browns to give depth to the great expanses of soil and rock. And I’ve never seen anything quite as interesting and disturbing as that Sarlacc’s stomach. It’s a welcome change from all of the technical greebles we get to see all day. So let those debris of some recent explosion behind, enter the hatch, discover the Jawa’s quarters and facilities, and investigate the Sarlacc in the topic, if you’ve got the guts.

“Character Encyclopedia” Proto Fett minifigure revealed

White Boba Fett minifigure, in the 2015 Pictures and Rumors topic


The Dorling Kindersley LEGO books are known for the inclusion of an exclusive (at least, most of the time) Star Wars minifigure as an extra incentive to buy the book. We’ve had ceremonial outfits, retro characters, well received and… not so well received minifigures. The white prototype Boba Fett you see above is definitely one of the best ever offered in these books. It’s not a completely new minifigure, as it was already an exclusive polybag released in 2010. But that one still featured the old Fett molds, and this one is superior in printing as well. No doubt this minifigure based on an early concept for episode V’s snowtroopers will be a highly desired minifigure. It will be included in the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, together with the 280 pages full of minifigures, that will be released on April 28 and can be pre-ordered $ 12 USD. Before you lay your hands on it, find out more about it in the 2015 news topic.

Rebels Reviews: Call to Action

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: This episode opens with a scene ripped straight out of RotJ with an Imperial Shuttle arriving at the Lothal base with the Imperial March on full blast. However, it is not the Emperor that comes out of it, but Grand Moff Tarkin, the Empire’s toughest enforcer, who tells the Inquisitor and Agent Kallus how displeased he is with the piss-poor job they have been doing at apprehending the insurgents and that things were going to be different now. From this moment on, I had a good feeling about this episode! Continue reading

The Old Republic’s Falcon

Crimson Pilgrim, by Bob De Quatre, on Eurobricks


Don’t recognize the ship above? But how is that possible – it certainly looks and feels like a real Star Wars ship? It’s not your Star Wars knowledge failing. It’s ridiculously talented Bob De Quatre’s own work of art. He’s known throughout the galaxy for beautiful ships, full of impossible curves and angles, right from his imagination. It’s remarkable how he keeps inventing new ships and shapes, and executing them with our familiar, blocky bricks. This Crimson Pilgrim features the characteristic curves, with the beautiful cockpit emerging from the ship, it getting beautifully bulky towards the back, with some impossibly beautiful engines at the back. Bob De Quatre keeps getting better in details as well. Mechanics never looked as gorgeous as on the underside of the cockpit of this ship, those radar dishes are genius, the ship is speckled with offsets and flaps… everything right to the landing gear has a lovely depth to it. Everything to make it the UCS Falcon of the Old Republic. But that comparison isn’t entirely on its place. Because Bob De Quatre went further and applied for the job as interior designer as well. It’s a fully operational ship, equipped with all the awesomeness to make your day. So undertake a pilgrimage to the topic and join the choir of praise!