Rebels Review: Droids in Distress

What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: I thought this episode, just like the previous one, lacked direction. There is a lot going on, with the mission, the Empire, the droids, Ezra’s Force capabilities… I like when a show has a lot of content, but then it has to be aligned to make for one big and deep story. That was not the case here: Continue reading

The Thrawn Duology

In the Expanded Universe of LEGO Star Wars forums, the German Imperium der Steine is as notable as the Thrawn Trilogy is in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Now, both get combined. A month ago we mentioned the start of the MOC Olympics on the forum, in which players compete in several categories to become the ultimate Star Wars MOCcer. At the time, Disco86 and markus1984 fought in different categories. But now they’re pitted against each other in the category ‘Expanded Universe’. It will be hard to decide who’ll win, but right now it’s the best thing that ever happened.


Myrkr - Hyllyard City, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


Both builders recreated a scene from the Thrawn Trilogy, set five years after episode VI. Markus1984 depicted a battle set in Hyllyard City on the planet of Myrkr. You don’t have to know the story to appreciate this first class creation. It’s impossible to do this creation justice in just a few words. Because everything from the meticulously built pavement to the pagoda with the nice columns and incredible shapes, the subtle vertical lines in the buildings, the angled walls, the superb weathering of them, the roof… all the way to the original and superbly executed craft, is breath taking, even without considering the size of it all. There’s not an element that can’t be appreciated, and there are a lot of clever techniques. So it’s not just a creation that’s amazing due to its size: whether you look at it from up close or from far far away, it is incredible. All the more if you consider the tight time frame, and the fact that there is an absolute minimum of source material. Everything had to be designed and built, and it turned not only to be an awesome build, but a unique Star Wars location as well. Markus1984 really expanded our universe with something marvelous. Marvel more in the Eurobricks topic, wondering if there will ever be a MOC equal to this.


Mount Tantiss - Cloning Chamber, by Disco86, on Eurobricks


But that’s before you’ve seen Disco86‘s answer. His entry isn’t as massive, but that’s very relative. He depicted the cloning facility in Mount Tantiss from the same trilogy. The rockwork is brilliant, especially with the smoothed sections that set the artificial elements apart. The shiny black floor is the perfect answer to this chaotic wall, as are the white surfaces. And then there’s the door and that service crane, with the nicely exposed details of the bubbles. And that beautiful lighting immediately transports you into the scene. The build is a perfect harmony of artificial and natural elements, with a haunting beauty and yet a very efficient and utilitarian look. You can almost see how it was built in secret and yet kept clean enough for the important cloning process. And the cocoons, almost coolly pulsating, give you the feeling of something organic yet menacing going on. This is probably the most cinematic MOC ever made not based on a movie. The design just breathes Empire and cries cloning, and makes both work together. It’s like the most beautiful of concept art, and I can only wish this would be the base for a scene in a movie. Unbelievable work! Get sucked into it even more in the topic. And no matter who wins the round, no one will loose, because these aren’t entries for a contest: these are pieces of art.

The blaster that shot first

LEGO Han Solo pistol, by Bruce Lowell, on Flickr


I’m not a big fan of weapons, honestly. But some of the weapons in Star Wars exceed being a killer-tool and are just beautiful. Bruce Lowell has succeeded in delivering that authentic feel of a beautiful prop rather than that of “a clumsy and random blaster”. Yes, his rendition of Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol is quite a sight to behold. The accurate details are very nice, with those knobs, that piece at the back and the sausage-rich trigger. It are the not so obvious and functional, but aesthetic details that make this model so authentic though. I just can’t get enough of those ridges at the front or that angled handle. Whether you’re a weapon’s freak or a pacifist, you can only marvel at this little but refined build. Discover it in more detail on Flickr.

To conclude this article, here’s a rather cute and novel rendition of a weapon from a more civilized age by ‘Obedient Machine’ as a delicious dessert.

Luke Skywalker's mini ROTJ lightsaber, by Obedient Machine, on Flickr

Rebels Review: Spark of Rebellion

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It is a time of unrest in the galaxy. The Clone Wars is over (at least as a TV show) and the Star Wars franchise is under new management. A new age has begun and the future of Star Wars is uncertain. With Episode VII and a slew of other movies on the horizon, the Walt Disney Company is producing a new show to get the kiddies excited about what’s to come. Could this be a new hope for the franchise or will it cause a rebellion among Star Wars fans? Being the Rebel Bloggers, we took it upon ourselves to review this new show titled Star Wars Rebels. Read on to find out what we thought about the double-length pilot episode, Spark of Rebellion.
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The forest moon of Ent-or?

UCS Style Ent, by Jason Alleman, on Flickr


Okay, okay – This isn’t a Star Wars MOC. Still, there’s a very good explanation for the lazy pun in the title. This incredible sculpture of an Ent from Middle Earth, is in fact an alternate model of the 10236 Ewok Village! It was created by Jason Alleman, original builder extraordinaire. Not only is he crazy enough to have such an idea, but he is also genius enough to turn that idea into a marvelous model. This Ent has nice texture all around, clearly resembling a tree, but still very living and dynamic. The posing of the legs is impressive, and the branches on the shoulder give the creature some extra character. What’s most impressive of all though, is the fact that this model is quite articulated. Not an easy job when you’re working with a rather static set like the Ewok Village. Still, the hips, arms and fingers can all move to vanquish those evil orcs stormtroopers. So this really is the ultimate alternate model, with a inconceivably original idea, skillful execution, innovative parts usage (I mean, did you see that face?) and asking every one with the set to build it. Incredible job, Jason! Comment on the topic, or watch and read everything, or even have a look at the instructions, on his website.

Tackling the giant walker

Midi scale AT-AT, by Hugolin, on Techlug


Ever since those giant Imperial walkers were first spotted on Hoth, numerous builders have attempted to recreate the behemoth in LEGO. There have been huge ones, tiny ones, creative ones… Still, Hugolin succeeds in bringing us something new. His AT-AT doesn’t sport some whimsical theme, and it isn’t big either. No, it’s special because in a fairly small scale, it captures almost the same amount of detail as the biggest monsters we have seen. Despite the very limited interior space, all of the angles are perfect, those on the head in particular. And although there aren’t a lot of rigid joints in small scales, the model is very dynamic and quite sturdy. Moreover, all of the textures and details are there. Even the props are there: that little snowspeeder stands the comparison to the gorgeous walker. It’s a beautiful model from head to toe, and if there would exist some kind of Ultimate Collector’s Midi Series, this would certainly be the Millennium Falcon of it. Check out all of the pictures on Techlug, or if you want to gain some more insight in the design process from LDD to final model, check out the entire WIP topic (in French).

2015 Set Pictures Revealed

Our Bothan Spy #8, just2good, has uncovered most of the sets of the winter wave for next year. Many of them seem to be based on Star Wars Rebels which premiered last night, so the timing couldn’t be better. There are some pictures missing, however, such as those of the ARC-170 Microfighter, the Hailfire Droid, and Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter, suggesting that those might be retailer exclusives, at least the latter two. You can see the video with all the pictures and discuss them in the Lego Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors thread, or you can view the images individually in this Flickr album that we created.