Rebels Review: Visions and Voices


What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: When there’s something strange in the Nightsisters lair, who you gonna call? Ezra Bridger! This show certainly knows how to grab your attention right from the start. The opening scene with Ezra being haunted by visions of Maul during a briefing was genuinely creepy and chilling, and so was the following scene where Ezra is nearly tricked into killing a rebel trooper because of those visions. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode wasn’t able to keep up this level of horror despite featuring ghost witches. Continue reading

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Mid-Season Trailer

Finally over the initial excitement of seeing Rogue One? Excellent, then the excitement can start all over again because the mid-season trailer for the third season of Rebels has just been released on the internet. The excitement is about seemingly getting more background information about the aforementioned movie, about seeing nice locations and vehicles, about seeing stories continued we’ve all been waiting to see evolve, about seeing thrilling action and about encountering some more familiar characters. We’ll be getting a lot of awesome action, so let’s hope the character development is of an equally high quality and we’re in for an awesome ride. You still have to contain that excitement for two more days, since the new episodes will start airing on January 7th. In the meantime you can wait for our review of the mid season finale and discuss what you saw in the trailer in the Rebels discussion topic.

30611 R2-D2 Polybag Surfaced

30611 R2-D2, in the 2017 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks 30611 R2-D2, in the 2017 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks


What a hype these days! Finally being able to judge the Rogue One sets at face value, rumors of UCS sets roaming around, all kinds of sets becoming available… And then there are things nobody even saw coming. The polybag 30611 came out of the dark blue. Its contents are something quite new: a brick built character. The detail on the underside is pretty sweet, it’s great that the head can be rotated and the fact you can take of the middle leg easily is quite ingenius. Still, I’m not really sold on this particular design, probably because the legs are a bit disproportionate. It’s definitely interesting that polybags now can be about more than spaceships and bare minifigs though. And that printed dome piece opens up a new world for large scale replica’s of X-wings or Jedi starfighters, so I’m excited! No word yet on the official availability of this polybag, but you can go ahead and discover and discuss it in the Pictures and Rumors topic.

Y For Detail

Yet another Y-wing, by dmaclego, on Eurobricks


Rogue One is out to make everybody excited for new ships like the U-wing. My heart lies a bit later in the alphabet though. Because it wasn’t the U-wing that I built over and over again in my childhood, into the lovely craft itself, into lightsabers, into battering rams and even into demonstrations of four-bar mechanisms. It was the Y-wing that came packaged with the TIE Advanced. There’s no ship that fills me with fonder memories than that greebly tuning fork. Now more so than ever, because dmaclego‘s beautiful model is one I’ll think of in years from now, and a smile will appear on my face.

That’s because it’s just like the Y-wing I had in my hands so often. It wasn’t built with a “look at all of the creative greebles I can come up with!” mentality. It was built as a love letter to the original. My old Y-wing did that by keeping it simple, dmaclego’s Y-wing does it by not leaving a single thing out and not adding a single detail to the original in a most creative but humble manner. It shows the Y-wing as it truly is, and not how most would imagine it to be. This creation doesn’t have too much detail like many others do, but uses a variety of interesting but especially low profile parts like stretcher wheels or skids to keep if from looking like a mess. Parts were snugly embedded into the body and the engines so they become functionally inseperable from the ship, instead of something that was quickly added later just to look good. dmaclego did astonishing things to make sure everything look like a solid assembly. He has cut flex tubing to exactly the right length and even at an angle to make them fit perfectly flush with other parts so they merge into one. He devised groundbreaking techniques to make the round engines smooth and at exactly the right diameter to allow the nozzles to be recessed a bit and to fit seamlessly with the dome and the exotic but appropriate Ninjago spinner base. He has done the impossible by making the white columns look like they form one part with the engines. And then there is his wonderful attention to detail and his commitment to depict any one of them. He noticed how the astromech peaks out a bit and spared no expense in recreating the taper and the ever so slight inclination of the cockpit. dmaclego’s Y-wing shows that you need three ingredients to create something that even outshines childhood memories: dedication, resourcefulness and a keen eye. An eye to see what others don’t, and not to see what others think they see. Luckily for us, a regular eye will do just fine to admire this wonderful creation in the topic.

Rebels Review: An Inside Man


What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: After the quality of the episodes has been getting lower and lower, we are finally back on track! This episode was full of plot twists, action, and suspense! It was nice to return to Lothal and see that the rebels have inspired the locals so much that they are sabotaging the Imperial factory. Continue reading

There’s no Replacing the Falcon…

UCS Eravana, by Forgotten Days, on Flickr


… but the Eravana is still a really nice ship in its own right. The design of the ship is not a bit about aesthetics and all about functionality. It’s just there to move cargo and doesn’t need fancy engines, decent protection or even a real cockpit. Just forget about magnetic shielding of the hangar bay, and don’t worry about covering up all of the pipes. All the Eravana needs is a lot of space and a rough frame to handle the wonderfully structured mess of cargo.

Forgotten Days‘ creation above captures the ship’s identity remarkably well. It definitely looks huge. The creation is already a SHIP to begin with, and the creator made sure to draw your eye to the cargo that comes in clear chunks and gives you something to compare the size of the ship to. If you’re paying close attention, the lovely tiny red ship about to make an unannounced visit to the vessel makes it look even bigger. There are big flat sections with way less detailing than others emphasizing that the size of that volume is the only thing that matters. Building something big and bulky is something most of us can if we can get our hands on enough bricks. What makes this creation unique though, is how it looks o so fragile at the same time. None of the greebles seem securely attached: they are only attached by one clip or so and almost seem as if they could float away at any moment. There are spindly pieces sticking out, waiting to break off. There are twisted tubes. There are gaps here and there and bricks that don’t sit entirely flat like the black grills on the side. Some corners are beautifully rounded, others might have had an accident. There are exposed studs everywhere. They seem to suggest there was something there that is long gone. Even the two big frames of cargo seem dislodged and don’t sit perfectly on top of eachother. Most of us can build something big and bulky, but Forgotten Days manages to let every piece say something about the identity of the ship so that we get to know and love it almost as much as the Falcon. I’ll leave you two on your own in the photostream

Rebels Review: The Wynkahthu Job


What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: Whenever there’s an episode featuring Hondo, I don’t expect it to be a super deep and compelling story. I do, however, expect it to be a fun ride full of unexpected twists. And I got an episode that was fun on only a handful of occasions, really quite predictable and did a sloppy attempt at telling us something about the characters. Continue reading