Time for a Star Wars Funnies update:

We haven’t had one of these on the blog in a while. Time for an update on the latest from the Single Pane Star Wars Funnies thread. Oky is still going strong, Saruman derides Yoda as a tiny orc, Mace Windu wears his lightsaber on his shoulder, the clones have an impressive wardrobe, and Young Han Solo gets into canon…but not the way he wanted to.


A Collection of Recent Star Wars Funnies

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged some Single Pane Star Wars funnies, but the thread is still very active.

We’ve got comics from regular contributors to the thread…

…comics from contributors recently inspired…

…comics from members just playing around with their ‘figs…

…and comics from members only just beginning to post in the thread:

(that last comic has no words, but I’m sure you know what’s being said…)

Check them all out in our Single Pane Star Wars Funnies thread.

The Penguin Strikes Again

Well-respected EB philanthropist The Penguin generously provides us with some more hilarious funnies! However, be warned that they may contain some adult content. Click the picture below to see them (along with some new additions from yours truly)!

CIS Miami

CIS Miami is the most popular crime investigation TV show on separatist-controlled planets, but its one-liners are as bad as its counterpart on Earth. This idea came from JimButcher, based on an internet meme, and was executed by yours truly. You can see this and more funnies in the Single Pane SW Funnies thread.