Official Pictures of the 2017 Summer Sets!

LEGO Star Wars summer 2017 wave official set images, on the Brothers Brick

Time to start planning your expenses because know you’ll know what to buy this summer. The official pictures for ten fresh sets were just released, so now you can study every detail of every set. Everybody is sure to find something he likes. Whether you love the Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy or Sequel Trilogy, whether you like regular bricks or constraction figures, whether you like The Freemaker Adventures or only like it because it gives your characters from Rebels, there is something for everyone. I spot fun functions, practical parts and terrific techniques, but despite all that I admit this wave suffers from the same defect a lot of summer waves suffer from: a lack of iconic sets we’ve been waiting for for years and will stay around in the collective memory for years to come. There are some really nice sets, but none awaken my inner child to vigorously encircle them in the LEGO catalog… Maybe it’s just because I haven’t inspected the sets closely enough yet… So follow me to pore over the pictures and to share details in our news thread!

UCS Snowspeeder Revealed


The Lego Group has officially released details about the highly anticipated UCS set 75144 Snowspeeder that will be released for May the 4th. The set contains 1,703 pieces and will retail at $199.99. It is a complete redesign from the first UCS version of this iconic vehicle, 10129 Rebel Snowspeeder, and costs about $70 more at only 246 more parts. The new version includes 2 minifigures: a Rebel Snowspeeder Pilot and a Rebel Snowspeeder Gunner, and it has some new features such as air brakes that can be opened by turning the back of the turbolasers. It also features a lot more details than the original, but most of them are achieved with the use of an enormous sticker sheet which might be off-putting to some builders. Do you think it’s on improvement or a step back? Check out the Designer video below, then head over to the discussion thread to see the press release and let us know your thoughts!

30611 R2-D2 Polybag Surfaced

30611 R2-D2, in the 2017 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks 30611 R2-D2, in the 2017 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks


What a hype these days! Finally being able to judge the Rogue One sets at face value, rumors of UCS sets roaming around, all kinds of sets becoming available… And then there are things nobody even saw coming. The polybag 30611 came out of the dark blue. Its contents are something quite new: a brick built character. The detail on the underside is pretty sweet, it’s great that the head can be rotated and the fact you can take of the middle leg easily is quite ingenius. Still, I’m not really sold on this particular design, probably because the legs are a bit disproportionate. It’s definitely interesting that polybags now can be about more than spaceships and bare minifigs though. And that printed dome piece opens up a new world for large scale replica’s of X-wings or Jedi starfighters, so I’m excited! No word yet on the official availability of this polybag, but you can go ahead and discover and discuss it in the Pictures and Rumors topic.

75159 UCS Death Star Revealed

75159 UCS Death Star, as discussed in the 2016 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks


LEGO has come out with the official high-resolution images and press statement of the 75159 Death Star, this year’s second entry in the Ultimate Collector’s Series. With the press release came a statement that this is an update of the previous version that was so successful, instead of it being a completely new entity. The set indeed looks almost identical to the previous one, with the difference being an extra 200 pieces scattered across various scenes, a needed update of all the minifigs, the addition of three new ones and a heftier price tag. Now the set contains 4016 pieces, making it the second largest Star Wars set to date, after the UCS Millennium Falcon and before the previous incarnation of the Death Star. The 23 minifigs are a new record though, and they all look fabulous, with a wonderful new Tarkin, Han with a stellar hairpiece, the long awaited updated Leia and some droids and Imperial crew you’ve never seen before. The increase in price brings it to 499.99 USD / 499,99 EUR / 399.99 GBP. As for the build, it’s largely the same although new spring loaded shooters have been incorporated. In short, it’s a fix for all of those parts of the old version that were desperately out of date, but not a bit more than that. It’s certainly a set to be remembered though, with all of the debate that has been going on about it for weeks already. And who knows, maybe this is the first in line of older sets being rereleased with minor updates, even though LEGO has explicitly stated that “this is not an indication of any future re-release or set updates.” I’m sure there is a lot to be watched, read and discussed in the news thread!

This Polybag Gets an A

Rebel A-wing Pilot Polybag, in the 2016 Pictures and Rumors thread, on Eurobricks


We keep getting news of new LEGO Star Wars stuff coming our way. Recently, we had the reveal of the Rebel Combat Frigate, and the talk about what Rogue One will bring is ramping up. You’d almost miss this polybag that surfaced today. It’s an A-wing pilot as seen in Rebels, featuring that lovely helmet that resembles the one from the recent B-wing set, but with a different print. Notice that this is a completely different design from the A-wing pilot that comes in this summer’s A-wing and TIE Advanced set, so that set and this figure will complement each other nicely. No word yet on the availability of this figure though, but you can already discuss it and stay up to date in the Pictures and Rumors topic on Eurobricks.

Rebel Combat Frigate Set Revealed

75158 Rebel Combat Frigate, in the 2016 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks


Next semester’s retail exclusive set will be the 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate, of which the picture above recently surfaced. It’s a Pelta class frigate as first seen in The Clone Wars and now repurposed for Rebels. The set is based on the latest appearance, with the adapted color scheme and minifig selection. The set comes with already available Ezra and Chopper, brand new commander Sato, absolutely gorgeous Ashoka (for the first time without those ugly Clone Wars minifig eyes…) and oddly chosen Agent Kallus. With 936 pieces it is definitely a decent set and looks like a great parts pack for ship building. We don’t know anything about play features yet, but you can already spot the movable wings, the Technic handle and the various shooter functions. The price for this great looking set is still unknown, but we do know that it will hit selected stores this summer, so you won’t have to wait too long to find out. Express your opinions on this set, and stay tuned for further news in our Pictures and Rumors thread.

The Force Will Be Stronger With These Minifigures…

The Wampa Cave, seen in set 75098 Assault on HothThe box of set 7263, with the light up lightsaber


Please focus, because I’m going to ask you to recall two things. First off, set 75098 Assault on Hoth. Not many people liked it completely, but there was one feature that stood out and I want you to remember. It’s the Wampa cave part, with that super inventive play feature that lets you launch the lightsaber towards Luke. It will be a bit harder to remember the second thing, because it’s more than ten years ago since we saw it. It are the minifigs that came in a couple of the original Revenge of the Sith sets and with the 7263 set shown above. The reason is that they contained a unique feature: if you pushed their heads, the lightsaber would light up for extra action.

So why do I ask you to remember two features that aren’t/weren’t really a huge success? Because it seems that the LEGO group thinks to have found a way to combine them into something amazing, as indicated by the news of the day. Ever since the success of the new stud blasters, they have been trying to bring new play features in their sets. Their latest innovation, that will find its way into some of the winter 2017 sets, is that minifig hands will be easier to pull out, will have a string attached to them, and will quickly retract in their socket after a push on the minifig’s head. It’s basically a miniaturization of their existing winch mechanisms that fits into what looks like an ordinary minifig: simple, but it opens up a whole new world of play features. Minifigs will now be able to “use the Force” to retrieve objects, just like Luke in episode V or Rey in episode VII. I’m really excited to see how this plays out, but I see this becoming the next big innovation that will find its way into other themes as well, like the Superheroes line. LEGO never ceases to amaze me with their creative finds. Who knows what’s next, minifigs that will play mindtricks on us to make us buy more sets (o wait, I guess this feature has been implemented for quite some time now)? So be excited, and discuss it in our forum. Warning: it’s possible you might have to brush off your Korean first.