Participating in this Contest is the Only Logical Outcome

Star Wars Thrawn Contest, on Eurobricks

May the Fourth is almost upon us! That doesn’t just mean a lot of sweet Star Wars deals and goodies are circulating, but also that it’s time for Eurobricks’ annual Star Wars building contest! You could have foreseen that by looking through our older blogposts to establish a pattern. And from the title of this post, the phrasing in the last sentence and – if you really need it – the picture, you could have deduced this contest will be all about everyone’s favorite brainy blue villain: Thrawn!

What makes Thrawn so unique is that by studying the past, data and art, he comes to insights that help the Empire emerge victorious from some of the direst of situations. The goal of the contest is to build two creations depicting both aspects. A first one with a minimum of 16×16 showing Thrawn learning about his enemy through art and a second one with a minimum of 32×32 showing the results the Empire reaches because of this knowledge. So you can really flex your muscles, and no need to worry if you don’t have a Thrawn minifig or if you are a digital builder: we’ve got you covered. With some awesome prizes up for grabs, there really is no excuse for missing this contest! So start planning your creation, outsmarting the competition by using onorthodox parts, entering the battle with something nobody expected, with full force or with a couple of calculated strategic hits, and lead the way to victory before the end of the month! Then our Emperor staff will reward you. Your orders are awaiting you here.

[SoNE XII] Game of Clues

Back to the hydrospanner, by Jannik, on Eurobricks


The tense waiting is over with the results of the twelfth episode of SoNE just in. The Rebels had the upper hand in builds, including the one by Jannik above, which was the best in the contest. His sweetly shaped X-wing, crisp floor, variety of useful tools and slick presentation make his build the deserved winner. He also incorporated his seed element, a spoiler with bar, extremely clever as missile rack, giving the element both an aesthetic and a functional use. However, the difference wasn’t big enough to reassure the Rebellion of winning: approximating the secret model based on all of the publically known parts and parts hidden in enemy builds was the key to winning. The Rebels guessed it was an Imperial loader droid. The Imperials were convinced it was a StarViper class attack platform, producing an excellent build to prove it. In fact, the secret model was such a ship, to be more specific the Virago, prince Xizor’s personal ship. Below you can see how accurate the Imperial model on the left, conceived by LucasLaughing, was to the secret model on the right, realized by myself.

StarViper class attack platform, by LucasLaughing, in the episode XII results on Eurobricks Prince Xizor's Virago, by BEAVeR, on Eurobricks


This means the Empire emerges victorious after all! The secret model being prince Xizor’s ship means something else as well… That the next episode is going to be exciting and explosive! Now is a great time to dive into SoNE to build and tell your own story in that galaxy far, far away. You can begin by signing up here, exploring the results and the various entries of this episode here or learning about the elusive secret model here. And then there’s struggling to decide which of all of your brilliant ideas you will bring to life…

[SoNE Ep XII] Riddles in the Stars

Before we begin this article, we’d like to express our deepest feelings of sorrow, sympathy and support to the victims and the families of the victims of the horrible events in France, Turkey and everywhere in the world. We hope we can still make this a peaceful and wonderful world together. May the Force be with us all.



[SoNE Ep. XII] Riddles in the Stars, on Eurobricks


Now that the Imperial patrols on Kuat slowly grow more infrequent, the Rebels find time to address a pressing problem: an attempt at the life of Luke Skywalker by an unknown enemy. They begin a search throughout the entire galaxy to find the one responsible and stop him/her. The Empire does so as well, since the Emperor will keep his next apprentice alive at all costs. Both teams have already found some clues, but not all of them are known to each other… The result is the twelfth episode of our role playing/building game the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka which is a seed part challenge, but only different. Both teams have a separate list of seed parts which they have to incorporate into their builds, but they have to be so good, that the other team can’t guess what this seed part was… It’s important to know as many parts as possible, because all of the parts come together to form a model that’s a final clue as to who the hidden adversary is. Intrigued? Excited? Enthousiastic? Ready for a challenge? Longing for a supportive community? Wanting to develop stories? Then don’t wait to enlist in SoNE, confer with your team, build something awesome, tell a great story, analyse the builds of the opponent and put together that elusive final model… See you on Nar Eurbrikka!

Star Wars Anthology: Contest One

Star Wars Anthology Contest, on Eurobricks


This year we’ll be getting something new: a Star Wars Anthology movie, that will explore some of the events that occurred between episode III and episode IV. But here at the Eurobricks Star Wars forum, we can’t wait for the end of the year. That’s why were having a Star Wars Anthology contest this month. The objective is to build a scene depicting what happened to a character that appeared in one of the seven movies during the time between several episodes, whether it’s a story that comes from the EU or your own imagination. There are two categories, a small and a large one, so you can do whatever you want. The contest runs until June 1st, and we’ve already received a couple of awesome entries you can check out in Watto’s Junkyard. But don’t let that discourage you: there’s still plenty of time to come up with something awesome and go home with the Imperial Assault Carrier or other terrific prizes. So get your imagination going: how did Maz acquire Luke’s lightsaber? With what did Ben Kenobi fill his time on Tatooine? And even better: how did Jar Jar rise to power in the Senate? Let your creativity run free, gather your bricks, and check out the full rules here. Enrich the Star Wars universe with your own stories and images!

[SoNE Ep XI] Cracking Down

SoNE Episode XI: Cracking Down, on Eurobricks


The eleventh episode of our role playing building experience the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka has just begun. The Rebels take the super computer, captured from the Empire, to the surface of the planet of Kuat, known for its shipyards on its ring. The surface, however, is rural, and the Rebels hide there from the Empire while they try to get to the valuable information inside of the computer. The Empire won’t let that happen, however, and has deployed its forces on the planet and its rings in order to try to recapture the computer. You have until April 30th to build a diorama, ship… portraying your character partaking in this game of hide and seek of high stakes. RoyalBrickCustoms has once again offered to provide the winner with a special minifig cloth accessory, so there’s no time to waste! Everyone can participate, whether you have a large collection or not, build your creations digitally or not or have been a member for years or not. If you’re not a member of SoNE yet, you can always join by going to this topic and picking a side. From then on, it’s building along with talented builders, getting valuable feedback from the community, telling stories together and having lots of fun! Enjoy yourself!

The Glasses are Strong with this one…

Nerdly in Carbonite, by KOS brick, on Flickr


It seems such a random thing to do, to slap thick black nerdy glasses onto anything remotely Star Wars. And you might have noticed that the last couple of days, this myopic infestation has been spreading quickly. The reason is that we’re really in the season of contests, and fellow blog Bricknerd is leaving its mark. Bricknerd’s mascot is the adorable 2×2 red brick with signature glasses, Nerdly. Over the years, more and more people have fallen prey to its adorableness, and to satisfy its hunger for power, an annual contest is held to put those glasses onto every character, beast and vehicle imaginable. Not only is it incredibly lucrative with some sweet prizes, but it seems to be a great deal of fun too, judging by the sheer amount and quality of the entries. This year, the main focus is Star Wars, making the results even nerdier than usual. We’ve got anything from the hilarious to the genius to the downright artistic, all of the highest quality, making it incredibly hard for me to focus on just a few. So I won’t. You might think that’s just lazy of me, but wait until you get knocked over by this parade of awesomeness. Moreover, Nerdly will approve of the propaganda.


Nerdly R2-D2, by Palixa And The Bricks, on FlickrIt's a NERD, by captainsmog, on Flickr
NERDvember Darth Maul, by nobu_tary, on Flickr

Every builder succeeds in making the material his in a very special way. With Nerdly in Carbonite, for example, KOS brick combines his signature clean and moody style with the fun source material to create a tragic build with added drama. And Palixa And The Bricks‘ R2-D2 succeeds like no other creation in getting Nerdly round and Artoo square, right in the Goldilocks zone. And didn’t captainsmog pull off the perfect joke with his It’s a NERD!, with the glasses that only worsen the Admiral’s ability to sense a ruse? Finally, nobu_tary‘s Darth Maul is a stand-out creation with its artistic quality (I almost see him wielding double red paintbrushes!), and a leading candidate in the list of best Darth Maul creations ever. So are your nerdichlorians already tingling? Well, then use the next week to put on those glasses, feel smart, and build brilliantly. If you want even more goodness, you can see all entries here. And if you’re really in the mood, you can always try slapping a Rebel logo on any character, beast and vehicle possible…

Man, we really should rethink our logo on MOCappeal…

Rey’s Speeder, Speeder, SPEEDER!

Pimp my speeder, by Priovit70, on Flickr


Our colleagues at The Brothers Brick are organizing a contest. The objective is to take Rey’s speeder from the Force Awakens to the next level with paint, wings, cannons and – if possible – a nice place to store a shovel, a bucket and some sand molds for the kids. Every single entry is boggling my mind with its amashing creativity, but – I guess you expect I now say that Priovit70‘s creation above is among the best entries. Well, I won’t, because the lovely creation above isn’t an entry for the contest, it’s the inspiration for it.

So Priovit70 was the first to look at Rey’s ride and see the enormous potential for adding all kinds of bells and whistles to it. He immediately picked the details that make us all giddy. A blue base, greebly grey areas, extra fins, yellow lights, bumblebee stripes and that logo, and you know that classic space has entered the monitor. I love how the builder managed to couple the classic space aesthetic with the round shapes of the speeder by making sure there are some harder edges and slopes present. And that look of the back throws you back to the old days when Star Wars ships weren’t that polished and had exposed tubes all over the place. Creating something new but having it evoke the pleasures of the past, that really get’s me excited to see what the future brings, especially if it brings more of Priovit70’s wonderful creations!