We Won’t Last Long Against Those Star Destroyers, Again!

ISD Aggressor, by Raskolnikov, on Eurobricks


So what do you do when you’ve already built one of the most epic UCS Imperial Star Destoryers? Well, you just make another one, is Raskolnikov‘s laconic answer. Only this time, you make it smaller and better! As paradoxical as that combination might sound, it worked out perfectly well in the hands of such a capable fleet admiral.

That’s because making the model smaller forces you to work more on the bigger picture instead of obsessing over details that are fun to include, but don’t as well work towards the overall impression. The prime example of this would be the greebling on the ship. In the bigger version, there wasn’t much structure to it because of the big variety of pieces that was strewn around without much of an appearance of structure. Now, however, a more limited palette of parts and less possibilities for positioning them makes sure the finely layered texture on the side comes out beautifully. This goes a long way in convincing you that you’re looking at several floors of a building instead of at a bunch of details you don’t know what to relate to. That way you actually have some kind of reference to judge the scale such that this smaller version actually looks the biggest! Another nice effect is that certain features of bricks don’t get swallowed up by all of the big shapes anymore as an annoying speck but instead get room to shine as proper details. Just look at the wedge plates used in those barely raised protrusions of the hull: their notches at the side now are perfectly in scale to represent windows. And purely logistically, a smaller hull makes it way more practical to tile it more to give the smooth yet paneled look.

Making a ship smaller to make it more impressive certainly seems like a wild idea, but it’s a testament to Raskolnikov’s genius that he saw what the potential of that notion was. To create an unparalleled Star Destroyer that’s even more accurate than its predecessor and still doesn’t make any compromise – that’s right: just like the Tyrant, the Aggressor features a full interior complete with loaded hangar bay! And you don’t even know the best part yet: a smaller version made it manageable enough for legolijntje to create building instructions… I’m pretty sure you won’t last long against the urge to check those Star Destroyers out in the topic!


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