Red, Yellow and Black

Bumerang, by Milan Sekiz, on Flickr

“… are the Belgian colors!”, as the song in my country goes. It are also the colors of Milan Sekiz‘ Blacktron creation that was posted just two days shy of our national holiday. Even then we do have reasons to celebrate this creation here on our Star Wars blog. It doesn’t even matter that it was never designed with Kylo Ren’s command shuttle in mind. Because when you’re not desperately trying to cling to the source material, creation takes priority over recreation, with a fresh result that surpasses any cautious recreation of some reference. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the design of Kylo Ren’s shuttle with its huge and towering wings, but in the end, there’s not much more to the design of that ship. Milan Sekiz’ Bumerang on the other hand has way more going for it than just the imposing wings. There’s also the wonderful elegance achieved by giving the wings a smooth yet complicated profile that’s gorgeous to look at. There’s of course the extension smoothly flowing backwards, but it isn’t simply straight, and the front of the wings also has a nice curve that’s different at the top and at the bottom. That elegance takes it from a ship that’s just brutely menacing to an evil on a more sophisticated and advanced level. The colors are like the warning colors on a fire salamander, sending out a clear signal. This is a ship with confidence and a feeling of superiority that will make even the most self-assured captain doubt his ship’s capabilities, and that’s where the real terror lies. That’s something on a whole different level than the Upsilon class shuttle, but man are we lucky that it’s still close enough to it to see this creation featured here. So grab that chance and discover Milan Sekiz’ photostream to see how creative design can make creations more elegant, sophisticated, menacing and much more. Until you start seeing that happy fish face in the cockpit that you can’t unsee, that is…


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