The Most Wendorful Creation of the Year

Project: Endor, by dmaclego, on Eurobricks

Do you have the next couple of hours free? If you don’t, stop reading and come back here when you do. I’ll wait.

Ah great, you’re back. The reason why you’ll need a lot of time is that this Endor landing platform by dmaclego is so monumental that you can’t even do it justice by spending hours looking at the pictures. Sure, you’ll be able to appreciate the size, admire the great landscape with its big features and also ever so gentle slopes, applaud the vegetation with its nice flow of leaves and great color variation even though you’d think the trees’d be all green, be amazed by the shaping from the top of the columns to the nice rounding of the edge of the platform, wonder at the details both on the top of as on the bottom of the platform, be astounded by the gorgeous lighting effects and love the builds like the AT-AT and -ST. And you wouldn’t even be halfway there. When a project is twelve years in the making, it takes a bit longer than that to fully appreciate it.

That’s because the end result is only that. It doesn’t show the way to get there, the many challenges overcome or the many failures along the way that truly put into perspective how wonderful the end result truly is. It doesn’t show that that Imperial shuttle isn’t an improvement on the Lego set, but actually is the model that inspired that Lego set. It doesn’t even show (yet) that that shuttle is actually able to take of, unfold its wings and tuck away its landing gear, all automatically. It doesn’t show that a Lego plotter had to be built to get the markings on the platform right or how many iterations were needed for the cradle on top of the columns. It doesn’t show how much work went into getting the Vader figure just right. And it certainly doesn’t show what a challenge it is to transport this creation. In short, it doesn’t show all of those unexpected difficulties the builder faced or the unseen things he added in. It doesn’t show that this kind of result is only possible with a builder like dmaclego whose talent is about more than being able to put bricks together in an interesting way. It’s about perseverance in the face of countless challenges, always cropping up when you think you’re done. It’s also about extreme attention to detail and always pushing for more, for the very best model even if that means you’ll have to specialize in Technic functions or structural mechanics along the way. It is the talent of absolute dedication to build the best model possible, and all of that to bring a smile to the faces of children visiting expositions or AFOLs watching their monitors.

Looking at it, you can’t even fathom how awesome this end result is. Knowing the long journey with its ups and downs at least gets you a little bit further, far enough to really feel honored to be able to witness the end result. And knowing the story doesn’t just increase your appreciation for the things dmaclego builds, but for the dmaclego that builds these things, and it inspires tremendously, more so than all of those awesome creations you scroll through every day. That’s why, after visiting dmaclego’s topic, you should definitely check out the album he links to which contains twelve years worth of pictures. I assure you they will last you more than that.


One thought on “The Most Wendorful Creation of the Year

  1. Whether you consider my work “wendorful” or “wonderful” – it does not matter, for I’m just very, very happy with your review 🙂 . Moreover, I’m not only glad that you like the final product but also proud that you found time to learn quite a lot about it: how it progressed over the years and how much details and functions it really contains (which is not so obvious when you just look at the pictures). Thank you very much!

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