Frozen in Constractionite

Boba Fett and Slave I, by Xccj, on Flickr

It doesn’t a lot of browsing on the internet to turn an initial dislike of Bionicle and constraction into a profound admiration for the creations some builders can create with it nowadays. But even then, the conception that seems to be set in stone is that those parts are only any good for character building since that’s what they were designed for in the first place. But not for Xccj, whose Slave I model not only shows it’s possible to create vehicles with constraction parts, but that their use can have some serious advantages when done right. Sure, his creation doesn’t look like what you’re used to in certain areas due a lack in variety in parts, but then there’s the stunning texture of the reddish shell in the back. All System representations of this area struggle so much to get the shape right, that there’s no way they still can depict the thoroughly weathered texture, with all the spots with missing paint. With Xccj’s constraction approach though, the shaping and the texturing go hand in hand. Thanks to his dense building, the gaps between the pieces are small enough to give a smooth shape that at the same time shows several signs of having been through many hazardous adventures. The same goes for the side of the ship. The builder showcases how different a creation can look when you dare to go all out on the constraction instead of just sprinkling some of those parts around for decoration: it becomes a consistent texture like you’ve never seen it before. So warm up to the notion that constractions can only be good for characters, even though the builder demonstrates you can do awesome characters as well! To see more, definitely check out Xccj’s photostream.


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