Right on the Nose

Jabba Barge Khetanna, by BaronSat, on Flickr

It is said of many Star Wars vehicles, but of this one it might actually be true: Jabba’s Sail Barge is one of the hardest to MOC. After all these years, there still is no definitive Khetanna in bricks. Sure, some creations got really close, but still, there’s always something missing. Let’s see how BaronSat‘s version does.

The hardest part to nail is the shape of the nose, right? Why then does BaronSat’s Sail Barge look so great despite having a nose that’s obviously geometrically different? I think it is because the nose flows so well with the rest of the body, perfectly matching the surfaces that come after it: it actually seems the more logical form for the nose. The flow is not just geometric: also the texture is nicely consistent. BaronSat made sure to include exposed studs and height level differences between tiles in other places of the hull. That doesn’t just give the perfect texture, but it also makes sure that the necessary exposed studs and level differences on the nose, which he additionally tried to make less repetitive, feel more like a continuation of the ship than a jarring change of pace. Speaking of texture and structure, I love how the builder uses different shades of brown in a structured manner rather than randomly, especially in the nose. The subtlety of the variation gives you a weathering effect, but the structure in it also suggests the presence of panels to keep the theme of the side of the ship with its many windows going. BaronSat shows that the most important challenge might not be to get the shape completely right, but to keep the feeling of the ship consistent across all of the shaping. And he succeeds beautifully. Or maybe the real challenge is something else entirely, like maybe also having to depict the interior that is a big part of the character of this vehicle that is just as much a location. Well, even then BaronSat succeeds brilliantly, as you can discover in his photostream.


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