Official Pictures of The Last Jedi Sets Revealed!

Full assortment of Star Wars: The Last Jedi LEGO sets revealed, on the Brothers Brick

Today is an exciting day, because today you’ll finally be able to get a good look at the sets LEGO will release in September leading up to the release of episode VIII. Or maybe it’s more of a frustrating day for you, just like me, because these are even more potential spoilers you have to avoid coming your way. But it’s still exciting either way. What I can tell anyone is that there will be seven sets being released, if I’ve counted correctly while not trying to look at the sets themselves and that there are plenty of new ships waiting to be collected and MOCced! And there’s a pretty special one as well: the UCS BB-8 pictured above. It’s been five years since the last UCS character build, being R2-D2 in 2012. This BB-8 looks far cuter than that one, and on top of that it can also act adorably: there are a lot of moving parts that can be controlled in a highly original fashion by turning the disks on the body. Nobody could have wished for a better LEGO UCS BB-8, so if this is any indication on the other sets, it will be great wave! It surely is an exciting day! But to be entirely sure, you’ll have to watch all of the pictures with you’re own eyes on The Brothers Brick and discuss the sets in our 2018 sets discussion topic.


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