Next Stop: Ambush Avenue

Jedha - Ambush on Tythoni Square, by Boba1980, on Eurobricks

Not ready to leave Jedha yet after seeing Marshal Banana’s creation? Excellent, because I wager you’ll be spending more than just the coming couple of minutes pouring over Boba1980‘s wonderful recreation of the ambush in the city.First, you’ll be amazed by the wonderful monumental buildings. The imposing archway, the angled or curved features of every building, the narrow alleys between the buildings that show you’re in an old city. Then, you’re likely to eye the texturing and realize that it adds tremendous depth to the build but doesn’t distract too much, like a lot of present castle teamed creations tend to do. Boba1980 achieved this sweet balance by only using profile bircks with only a little bit of profile, like the short side of the log bricks instead of the long side, and only a limited color palette. That way he makes sure you’ll not miss the thing that makes this creation truly special. It are all of the everyday little details that make it look like you’re watching an actual city, just one populated by minifigs instead of humans, and not just a disposable backdrop to an action scene. There are little stairs for every step that looks to be too big for a minifig. Every door has its control panel. There are fans and heat exchangers, with the equipment on the newer looking buildings looking a bit more modern. Tough bushes stubbornly survive the urban jungle. And then of course there are those wonderful cables hanging around, forming a real spaghetti to help you remember this is not your most modern city but one that has been around for as long as even Yoda can remember. All of those details are not what you notice straight away when you look at the scene as they’re nothing special: you’re already used to seeing those details in real life. But that’s exactly why including them in a scene makes it so much more real. That’s why you’ll just keep looking at this creation even though you’ve already seen how amazing the buildings are, in anticipation of those ABS people to move… I’m afraid they won’t, but just to be sure, you can keep a closer eye on them in Boba1980’s topic.


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