The Sound of Silence

Lego SDCC Press Release, on FBTB

There are creations built by AFOLs during spare time over the course of a couple of days. And then there are creations built by a team of professional Master Builders over the course of a month. To be honest, while the latter are really impressive, most of the time I prefer the smaller AFOL MOCs with their often ingenious building techniques to the big Master Builder sculptures. Those just impress me because of their scale, but in the end they often just look like a big pile of basic bricks stacked on top on each other with little creativity, more quantity than quality. But those thoughts go just as silent as Rey when they see Luke standing there. Not because they’re once again impressed by the scale, but by the oozing personality of the sculpture. It is as if it can break the silence any minute and say something really important. His feet firmly planted into the ground, quite far apart; his left hand far from his body as if he has just taken a deep breath; his wonderfully created hand stretched towards us, cautioning us to listen carefully; his eyes pointing straight at you, though his body isn’t for dramatic effect; and his eyelids ever so slightly closed and his mouth ever so slightly opened. It’s lifelike despite being blocky. That’s some incredible character modeling both with really big and with really small features. Yes, the scale of this model is impressive, but not just because it’s big. It’s impressive because of the unique, subtle detailing it achieves by portraying some really shallow shapes like the flowing of the cape or the small angle of the leg or feet. Yes, there are small details like the imperfections on Luke’s face or the ragged edge of the cape, but this creations shows that there is also something like a huge detail. A subtle shape where a level difference of a couple of bricks can mean a significant difference in the appearance of a model. It’s amazing how the Master Builders get this so right even though they’re building up close. Words fail me to describe my admiration for their talent and this creation that has awoken a new respect in me for creations that have enough on just the most basic of bricks to be impressive.

This sculpture is currently on display at the San Diego Comic Con, where a lot of exciting LEGO news is happening. Check out FBTB’s article to see what LEGO is up to there, and more importantly, to check out more pictures of this awesome sculpture.


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