Flight of the Republic Bumblebee

Republic Gunship, by JBB_777, on Eurobricks

I spent many hours staring at the LEGO catalog while I was little, studying every detail of my favorite sets. Actually, I still do to today. In all those years, there’s hardly any page that even gets close to page 73 of the 2002 catalog in terms of time I’ve spent on it. That’s the one with the very first LEGO Republic Gunship on it. I’ve never got to own the 7163, but I love that model to this day. And now I fall in love all over again, with the same ship with updated looks. JBB_777‘s creation is just a beauty. That’s because he understands that the key aspect of the design of the Republic Gunship is its bumblebee-like roundness as that accentuates how “fat” its belly is, full and heavy with troops and ammunition waiting to be unleashed. It’s not just the big shapes. Just look at the incredibly built bulbous rings around the front guns, which have something muscle-like almost. It’s amazing how the builder succeeds in incorporating those rounded features seamlessly with the rest of the shape of the ship. Even the engines are smoothly embedded in the back of the ship. It makes for a solid and smooth appearance which makes sure the ship looks like it can actually handle that heaviness. However, the ship isn’t perfectly smooth, and nor should it be! The creator provided some wonderful texturing with the studs, color variations (that pattern on the engines even almost looks like a sticker!) and a couple of o so subtly different levels in the side of the ship. That’s how you keep a ship visually interesting without ruining its smoothness which results in one terrific build. Just like the 7163, I’ll never own JBB_777’s amazing Republic Gunship, but I’ll always – oh, wait a minute, actually maybe some day I will own this beauty because the topic on Eurobricks points to a Rebrickable page… Now I’m sure I’ll always love this model!


3 thoughts on “Flight of the Republic Bumblebee

  1. Like I said…I feel flattered by your review. I have been looking at your other reviews. Very nice. Nothing but very interesting stuff. I will certainly keep following you.

  2. I’ve done some modifications. The wings are one stud longer. The front doors have added detail and the turrets in the wing improved. Please see the rebrickable site for it.

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