A Golden Review

Review: 75172 Y-wing Starfighter, by makoy, on Eurobricks

Did the Inthert’s MOC we just featured wet your pallet so much that you’re craving a Y-wing of your own? Then it’s good news that there’s an official set on the shelves right now, and that it’s an exceptionally good one. That’s what makoy told me in his review on the 75172 set from the Rogue One wave. He goes really in depth, discussing how well the details and the proportions of the set match the original model (spoiler: really well!), showing off various highlights in used techniques, critically assessing every minifig and even giving you tips on how to swoosh the set properly. Better still, he also gives some suggestions how you could improve the set by swapping out a couple of pieces. It you are hesitant to buy this set, this is the definitive review to read. And even if you have it already or don’t plan on buying it, this is an enjoyable review nonetheless from which you can learn a thing or two. So you have no excuse checking out the review that very deservedly and fittingly earned makoy his golden reviewer’s academy status.


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