Not All That’s Gold Glitters

BTL-A4 Y-wing, by Inthert, on Flickr

These days you need quite the nerve to try to MOC the classic Star Wars ships. The bar has been set incredibly high by past creations. A smooth and well shaped cockpit, super sleek engines and lovely greebling that’s as close the original as you can possibly get are all standard. It looks impossible to improve on the existing models. That didn’t stop Inthert though, and the result is just mouth watering. The details on the usual places are great, and there are some incredibly accurate details that i haven’t spotted on any model before like the little tab on the cockpit, the impossibly fine controls that match the one reference picture I could find. Even the bit of exposed machinery under the cockpit plates matches the drawing from the cross sections book. And then there are the truly amazing bits in the little corners you wouldn’t even think of looking at that are truly amazing. I love how greebles have been embedded perfectly into the the backside of the cockpit, or the bit between the guns that’s only visible from the bottom and is a great way to hide a connection in plain sight. And while we’re looking at the underside, we also get to appreciate the beautiful shaping of the bottom of the rear part of the ship and the wonderful way the landing gear blends in with the rest of the greebles on the underside. But not everything that makes this creation special has to be sought for in hidden corners or carefully compared to the original. It’s the use of color. Most models just stick with grey and brown for the details, which makes the brown look more like wood than rust actually. Inthert threw some gold and tan into the mix to give everything a more metallic feeling. It are only a couple of parts, but they go a long way in making the ship look more functional than ever, with different materials for different jobs. I love that after all these years, an incredible builder like Inthert can still improve the model by something as simple as a couple of extra colours! And I also love how some things never change: an R5 in the astromech seat even though the movies show mostly R2’s – still it always puts a smile on my face. What also never changes is my desire to look at every single detail. Just my luck Inthert’s photostream contains some gorgeous shots of this beauty!


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