Raiders of the Lost Studs

Imperial Raider Class Corvette, by insideLego, on Eurobricks

We all love LEGO, right? Isn’t it weird then that ever more MOCs are trying to make us forget they’re made of bricks? Of course those creations are gorgeous and mind blowing and all, but after a while they make it look like it’s forbidden to show that your creation is actually made of bricks. Yet we all grew up loving those weird little blocks with cylinders on them, and I’m sure all of us have lost many hours drooling over LEGO sets that made no attempt at concealing their makeup. That’s why I’m sure insideLego‘s Imperial Raider Class Corvette will prompt a lot of further drooling. It is a love letter to LEGO, a creation that embraces the medium with all of its heart instead of fighting against it with all of its might. It has studs all around, lots of missiles (about which everyone says they hate them, but with which everyone still plays, and I’m no exception!) and just the right size for swooshing. The sand blue on the hull is at the same time a stylish throwback to the earlier TIE fighters and a great way to lay emphasis on the texture of the hull which is a crucial part of the identity of the source material. And to win you tough critics entirely over, there is great greebling all around the edge and some great shaping on the underside of the ship. All of this makes for a model that would fit perfectly next to LEGO’s most iconic sets: beautiful and intimidating, but at the same time begging to be played with, the dream of every grown up child. It’s something different than all of those terrific creation you wouldn’t dare to touch. But this one looks like unabashed fun. So where do I order one? Sadly, I think a closer look at insideLego’s topic is probably the closest I’ll get!


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