The Bowcastermaster

Chewbacca's Bowcaster, by Lego Admiral, on Flickr

Recently I’ve been really fascinated by movie props. I just love it how pieces of different everyday objects and materials are fused together to create something out-of-this-world. The countless recreations of lightsabers and blasters show that many share this sentiment. Despite that, one of the most unique props of them all seems to have been forgotten. Luckily, Lego Admiral‘s creation does Chewie’s bowcaster more than justice. It’s amazing how the creator managed to capture the power this weapon contains: you feel the tension of the energy waiting to be released. That’s because the creation is under actual tension: the cable struggles to keep the limbs of the bow bent. Lovely how the brickbending technique doesn’t just have an aesthetic function, but is vital to the character of the creation. But there’s more to the character of this bowcaster than its power. There is the charm of this model actually looking more like a movie prop than an actual weapon. You can see how it consists of multiple parts that were brought together instead of created in one piece. This is because the transitions between the different parts aren’t completely perfect. There’s a small gap between the back handle and the gun, and the diameter of various sections of the scope sometimes varies suddenly. In other creations this might be a negative point, but here it gives the impression that someone took the time to look for various parts and put them together creatively and carefully instead of it being a mass produced weapon, something you should handle with the utmost care and respect instead of battling your friends with. With its real power and it’s real imperfections, this is one stunningly authentic creation that only increases my fascination with movie props, so I’ll definitely be casting more than a glance on Lego Admiral’s photostream!


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