[SoNE XV] Total Eclipse of a Black Heart

Prince Xizor gambled and lost. Even though he called in all possible reinforcements, his band of criminals was no match for the combined effort of the Rebels and the Imperials who instead of fighting each other, cooperated for once. The fifteenth episode of SoNE was Xizor’s last one.

Fire in the Sky, by Commander Beltar, on Eurobricks


It was great having people from other role playing games on Eurobricks join in with their fresh take on SoNE. In the end though, they were bested by the more experienced SoNE players, but what a fun fight it was! The ultimate victory went to the Empire that won all around. Commander Beltar‘s Skyhook build above shone the brightest. The central pieces is of course the Falleen Fist, and it has been executed (pun not intended) wonderfully to give a monumental appearance. It stays true to the source material while filling it in with loads of interesting details that look right at home in the colossal construction such that it rivals even the Death Star! You also got to love the turmoil of the space battle going on. The multitude of little ships, with some great parts usages like the Hero Factory tile as the TIE cockpit, was meticulously arranged to give you a real sense of frenzy. Positioning all of the ships in LDD must have been a pain, but the result is a scene that takes your breath away like no other before it! So dive right into the thrilling action in his topic!

Top of the Class, by Cody Startale, on Eurobricks


While Commander Beltar’s entry was great, it only managed to defeat Cody Startale‘s entry above by a fraction of a point. It’s extremely difficult to do justice to his entry with just one picture. Sure, you see his excellent miniatures off all kinds of ships anyone would be happy to swoosh around, you see his more modest but equally striking model of the skyhook and you see the close up section with all of the fun greebles. But you don’t witness all of the work that went into crafting a great story, awesome photography and even a small movie. His entry goes beyond just building with bricks, it’s about storytelling at its best. Definitely check it out, because until the next Star Wars movie comes out, this is the closest you’ll get to a great cinematic experience!

This episode might have been the end of prince Xizor, but Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka is far from over! So if you feel inspired by these builds, want to be part of this community of awesome builders, great storytellers and just swell people, don’t hesitate and join here! Will you help the Rebellion that has suffered many losses in the past couple of episodes, or will you help the Empire to maintain order in the galaxy? Either way, your decision counts, because I’ve heard something big is about to happen…


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