An A+ For Miniatures

Micro A-wing, by foxprimus101, on Flickr

It always blows my mind that in Return of the Jedi the Executor, the biggest ship of them all, is in the end destroyed by a single A-wing, the smallest ship of them all. But I don’t remember it being this small! Judging by the results of FBTB’s Micro/Midis contest though, it appears that foxprimus101‘s tiny build still has what it takes to defeat the biggest of foes. It’s not very hard to see why. Because most microfighters, while being cute and chubby and all, also end up looking blocky and not very engaging. This fella on the other hand looks smoother than most of his System counterparts. The shapes of the original didn’t get lost in blockiness, but instead were exaggerated. And it’s not just the big shapes like the curve of the main body. The shape of the back fins gets blown up as well thanks to that glorious part usage, and you could even say that the details of the guns were enlarged too. That way you get a super cute chibi creation that at the same time actually has more character than the original instead of being another colored block with some guns on it. Exaggerating shapes is key, but if you’re really good, you can go a step further and exaggerate by just the right amount. I know foxprimus101 understands this when I look at the tilting angle of the back fins. This angle has also been increased, but not to an arbitrary amount. The angle is such that the sides of the cheese slopes become vertical which flows perfectly with the vertical face of the side bows and also makes the engines look more round than in the case with the fins being vertical. It shows that even for something as small and cartoonish as a microfighter, you can have something like attention for detail. Yes, big lessons can come from small creations if they’re made by a great mind like foxprimus101.


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