They Call It The Dark Side Because You Don’t Want To See It

Palpy, by Funky Koval, on Eurobricks

One of the nice things about bricks is that they can’t scare you. Characters tend to look a bit comedic – just look at those brickheads – and even when they don’t, they’re not realistic enough to really give you the creeps. Or so I thought. Now, I think I’ll be seeing Funky Koval‘s creation again, tonight, in my dreams, and it won’t be in a dream about perfect techniques.

But then again, it might be, because some serious thought went into making this creation realistic enough to turn into a nightmare. The use of the Bib Fortuna headpiece as the mouth and the chin is just ingenious. What impresses me most, is how well it is incorporated into the rest of the face. Usually when you find this one very specific piece that’s ideal for the job, it has this weird shape that makes it hard to use with different parts and the result loses its effect. Here the minifig helmets fit perfectly though, and where the parts touch you have this wonderful evocation of the wrinkles. And while the headpiece makes for a very ghostly shape of the mouth, the printed minifig head that comes with the orca collectible minifig leaves nothing to the imagination. Additionally the once cute eyes of the brickhead Batman turn into an otherworldly stare. If the face wasn’t enough, the Emperor’s hands reach for you, unnaturally big, while he’s not even looking at you, and you feel a cold beam of energy crawling towards you. So while the main feature is of course the construction of the face, Funky Koval went the extra mile with the posing and the lighting, just to make sure your body doesn’t know if it has to lean away from or instead towards your screen… Can’t decide? Maybe then the images in the topic will convince you. Just don’t look at the last picture if you value your sleep!


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