Official Pictures of the 2017 Summer Sets!

LEGO Star Wars summer 2017 wave official set images, on the Brothers Brick

Time to start planning your expenses because know you’ll know what to buy this summer. The official pictures for ten fresh sets were just released, so now you can study every detail of every set. Everybody is sure to find something he likes. Whether you love the Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy or Sequel Trilogy, whether you like regular bricks or constraction figures, whether you like The Freemaker Adventures or only like it because it gives your characters from Rebels, there is something for everyone. I spot fun functions, practical parts and terrific techniques, but despite all that I admit this wave suffers from the same defect a lot of summer waves suffer from: a lack of iconic sets we’ve been waiting for for years and will stay around in the collective memory for years to come. There are some really nice sets, but none awaken my inner child to vigorously encircle them in the LEGO catalog… Maybe it’s just because I haven’t inspected the sets closely enough yet… So follow me to pore over the pictures and to share details in our news thread!


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