Ackbar ist Wunderbar!

Admiral Ackbar, by Pate-keetongu, on Flickr

Anything squiddy generally doesn’t have an extensive fanbase. But then again they’re not really known for their memorable quotes. There is one, however, to whom this observation doesn’t apply. Admiral Ackbar has a fanbase like no other squiddy creature, as evidenced by the two glorious tributes we see today. Pate-keetongu says he approached the above creation by just grabbing most of his dark red bricks and trying to make the beloved Mon Calamari with it. And that shows. I mean, there is no way anyone would have realized how perfect those bricks I can’t even describe (car engine ventilation plate thingies?) are as gills or wrinkles. How many people even know the flexible stretcher suspension part exists in dark red, so how else could anyone discover their amazing potential in such a creation other than through necessity? And only someone who doesn’t have any right round parts would think about using those mudguards as eyelids, which actually give a more accurate shaping of the eye. It can’t be possible he used those parts knowing in advance that they would form a crease in between them just like between real eyelids! The same goes for the small and realistic overhang the same part provides serving as the upper lip… It’s a miracle Pate-keetongu had that much luck! But then again, he has created one impossible creation right after the other, and demonstrates with some terrific touches like the use of the polished black boat studs to convey the wateriness of the eyes that he is an incredibly skilled character builder capable of perceiving all of the little traits that make up somebodies face and of translating it to bricks. So I don’t think luck had anything to do with it. But still, I’d wish I had as little pieces as Pate-keetongu!

Admiral Ackbar, by Djokson, on Flickr

If anyone would portray your face with bricks in such a sensitive manner, I’d wager you’d blush completely because of the honor. Now imagine someone else would also build a magnificent portrait of you… I think you’d understand why Ackbar’s face has the color it has, with Djokson paying him a second tribute as jaw dropping (if Mon Calamari even have one…) as the first. What’s most remarkable about this particular creation, is that every part is the part for the job. It’s uncanny how well that Bionicle mask works for the head. The overall shape is spot on, the horizontal arms of the cross evoke the patterns on the forehead, the vertical arms represent the sharper ridge that makes his head look real and organic, the ridges above and behind the eyes nicely represent what’s there in reality, and even the protrusion you can just see on the top of the head in the back reminds of the more pointy end of the aforementioned ridge. It’s incredible what you can do with a single “useless” part. It certainly is no lucky shot, because you can see the exact same thing happening with the forearms: the defined edges perfectly resemble segmented shells, and the little detail on top of it remind you of the less smooth features of them. You can feel Djokson isn’t satisfied with a brick that represents the general shape or idea of what he wants to represent, but as many aspects as possible, big and small. In that determination he digs really deep to find exactly the right part – I bet tens of other masks were dismissed that other builders would have been more than happy to apply. He truly has the will and talent for finding exactly the right part for a job, where every feature has something to tell. And if that’s not enough, he brings all of those seemingly impossible to unite parts seamlessly together. I have the feeling I haven’t even discovered and appreciated half of the little features represented with probably less bricks than your average Star Wars constraction figure. So time to engage his photostream! I’m sure it’s not a ruse.


One thought on “Ackbar ist Wunderbar!

  1. Amazing likeness! I can only imagine the hours of experimentation with so many various Lego bricks to choose from.

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