MOCcing Movie Magic

ISDMO - Final Cut, by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr

As a Star Wars fan, it’s easy to take that galaxy far, far away for granted, with its grand stories, inspiring settings and infinite details. It’s easy to find everything so natural, you forget a lot of love and labor went into crafting that universe in the first place. Luckily, we have Kit Bricksto to tell us to take a step back and admire the people who made it all possible. And luckily, he tells us that in the most beautiful way possible, with a gorgeous creation.

First of all, it’s gorgeous in its concept. It shows you the entire movie at a glance, reminding you of all that was so great about it with a minimum of bricks. At the same time, the imagery of the roll of film and the black bands on the screen show you it’s only a sequence of images after all, but that those images (most of them, at least, as you can see) were handled with the greatest care. I love the balance between the abstract and the realistic in this depiction. Secondly, this creation is gorgeous in its execution. Every single one of those small scenes is a wonder of composition and color, totally doing justice to the respective scenes in the movie on a tiny footprint. And that scene on the monitor – I swear I could see one of those figures move! It’s incredible how lifelike this scene is, so much so that it looks like an actual screenshot pasted in the picture. But no, it’s actually physically there. I think the effect is so convincing because of the twofold contrast between the screen itself and the scene seen within the screen. There’s the powerful contrast in color between the grey frame, the black bands and the snowy white scene that makes the screen almost glow. And there’s the contrast in depth, the paradox of a flat screen containing a base so deep, your eye gets sucked right into it. That depth was created by the cleverly angled wall on the right and the subtle use of consecutive layers to depict the icy formations. After a while, you forget you’re looking at an image on a screen on a screen, you’re just totally absorbed. The behind the scenes tour is enough to convince you a lot of love and labor went into crafting this creation. Yes, it’s the movie magic all over again.


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