Fire When Ready – Be Sure to Insert a Coin

Rogue One Pinball Machine, by modestolus, on Flickr

We know, we know – we still owe you a review Rogue One. We’re working on it, I swear. Let me give you the short version already: the movie was at times all over the place, bouncing from here to there giving us little time to think about what was going on. But ultimately, it was a hell of an exciting ride you want relive right away. So Rogue One was a bit like… a pinball machine! And funny that, that’s just what modestolus built when faced with the challenge to depict the movie in a single creation.

I love how all elements of the build come together with the mechanics of the game to tell the story of the movie. It’s the story of the Empire literally surrounding you at all sides. Impressively constructed Star Destroyers rule over space. AT-ACTs guard beaches with lovely palm trees. Adorable but destructive hovertanks patrol the streets. Vader’s castle sends a clear message. And there’s no escaping the Death Star. A Rebel can only fight back with all of her might, never certain of her own life. And despite everything, it can only end (spoiler!) in one way: at the bottom. You get there when you don’t have the power to fight back anymore, or when you’ve just handed over the Death Star plans to the Rebellion. Both ways lead to the same conclusion, a life lost, but in the end the galaxy will be changed. It’s amazing how modestolus turned the pinball concept from a cool gimmick into a way to tell a story that lets you relive the struggle. The layout of the machine, the omnipresent greebly reminders of the Empire – down to the slot for the coins, even the color of the ball all tell the same story, making this probably the most meaningful pinball machine you’ve ever seen. Especially when you see it in action, you see what a wonder of both building with bricks and of game design this creation is.


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