U-wing, by Rogue Bantha, on Flickr


Rogue One did something not a lot of content outside of the Original Trilogy has achieved. It introduced new ship designs that were instantly iconic, wonderfully appropriate to the Star Wars universe and might leave you confused, wondering if you might have missed a ship in those movies you know so well… The U-wing especially quickly found a place in my heart, and fortunately also in that of a lot of MOCcers. Am I glad it resonated with Rogue Bantha as well.

We’ve already seen micro, System and even a custom UCS version of the U-wing, but I hadn’t seen anybody tackle a midi version of the ship before. Rogue Bantha shows why that’s a shame. A midi model doesn’t have to have the forced parts usage of a micro creation, the obligatory functions for the System version or the ridiculous amount of detail to merit the UCS label. Here, a midi model is the best way to capture the identity of the ship, because it comes closest to being an actual model kit. And that shows in this creation. It just looks so natural and real. No strange gaps or edges or areas with forced assemblies to simulate something. The bricks just naturally lend themselves to work on this scale: on other scales you’ll need more complicated assemblies for the shape of the hull or of the cockpit, but in this scale single wedge plates and slopes are the perfect fit. Every single brick looks like it could correspond to a separate piece or panel on the actual ship, a piece you could take off to replace or to repair what’s underneath. The engines are a good example, with their segments that look like you could pop them right off. This way they resemble the source material well too, more so than any assembly of obscure cylindrical parts could, especially when combined with the elegant and genius depiction of the T-shaped intakes. A euraka moment can come in inspiration of what to build, what part to use or what connection to engineer. But this time, it came in the question of what scale to build in, not motivated by the desire to show off skills in micro NPU’s or UCS greebling, but from the question what would be the best for the ship. Of course that’s not the only merit of this creation (did I mention it has functional wings?), so be sure to check it out on Flickr. And if a whole new midi world has opened for you, be sure to check out FBTB’s mini/midi contest that opened just for you!


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