Rebels Review: The Wynkahthu Job


What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: Whenever there’s an episode featuring Hondo, I don’t expect it to be a super deep and compelling story. I do, however, expect it to be a fun ride full of unexpected twists. And I got an episode that was fun on only a handful of occasions, really quite predictable and did a sloppy attempt at telling us something about the characters. To be honest though, a couple of minutes into the episode I felt optimistic. The basic premise didn’t really interest me much, but it was starting to grow with some questions being formulated on the relationship between Hondo en Ezra and the promise of a new Ezra-Zeb dynamic. It didn’t really go somewhere after that though. In a twist, the actual plot could have been a really nice background to a more character-centric episode, with all of the events being interpreted in a personal perspective, but sadly the plot remained on the foreground. Then you start to think about why those sentry droids only capture people instead of killing them while they clearly built for the latter and start to predict the plot instead of looking at how it affects the characters. And actually I think the story in my head was just better than what I got to see, apart maybe from the sweet visuals and tight action sequences with some genuinely hilarious moments.
Oky: Hondo is back! Episodes involving him, except maybe the season 3 opener, have all been pretty good, so what could go wrong? Well, a few things apparently. The episode starts out interesting as the idea of the Rebels having to team up with Hondo and Azmorigan to retrieve the proton bombs they’ve been after for a while from a cargo ship caught in a storm sounded intriguing. However, not much happened as our heroes basically go in, fight some droids, and get out. The fact that there are sentry droids on board that could jeopardize the mission seems like a pretty crucial thing to just forget about for someone who has worked on a cargo transport for several years, especially a droid. Not only that, but AP-5 also failed to explain to them what exactly the “problematic consequences” of attacking one of them would be, which of course they do, making everything worse. I will give the plot kudos for not being yet another recruitment episode though.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
BEAVeR: What I didn’t like in this episode was that it teased me with interesting character development, but that it never went past the teaser and in the end nothing has changed for the characters. I really liked the setup of Ezra finally putting a bit of thought in his relationship with Hondo. In the context of the darker beginning of the season, maybe you could explain Ezra’s affection for him from the fact that Hondo regularly compliments him. And we see a certain cruel carelessness by Ezra in his enjoyment of the way Hondo completely abandons everyone he knows for personal gain. We as a viewer certainly see the situation escalate and think Hondo’s behavior grows ever more unacceptable, but all we get from Ezra is one look that is more annoyed than enlightened and we only get to know his blindness or his apathy instead of him really questioning Hondo or himself. There was also a chance for a development with Zeb. I loved how he got the lead and how we got to see him shine in a new way with his military background coming through in his excellent management skills and his focus on the goal. This was great for Ezra to react against. And yes, he was irritated on more than one occasion, but in the end everything is just like in the beginning. All of these “fake” arcs are kind of starting to bother me…
298?cb=20161127062540Oky: In the beginning, Kanan said that Ezra needs to learn that Hondo is not really their friend which seems like it was supposed to be the unsubtle point of this episode, but by the end of it, it didn’t feel like Ezra had learned anything. And why would he? He has seen him mistreat his crew before, so why would this time be any different? Also, Ezra’s animosity towards Zeb throughout the episode was really petty and didn’t go anywhere. And what was the point of Azmorigan being in this episode? All he did was be annoying and cause trouble just so we can have some action sequences. It would have been so much more interesting if he would have stayed behind on the Ghost and Hera would have been forced to work with him. I have already voiced my displeasure at AP-5’s baffling incompetence in this episode, and the fact that he pointed out the low chance of success for this mission, which is becoming a cliche for Star Wars droids, didn’t help. The only reasonable characters in this episode were Zeb and Hera, and I feel bad that they had to deal with this nonsense.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
BEAVeR: I was no big fan of the sentry droids. I know they’re from legends, but the design was awkward and didn’t really feel Imperial. Their concept made sense of having sentry droids of which more get activated when one is under attack, but this particular design was way over the top for that job so that if felt quite strange. The concept feels like it doesn’t belong and the design looks like a wasted opportunity for something more sinister. The other new thing, apart from the speck of Wynkahthu we got to see, was Hondo’s modified shuttle which I really liked. It’s very much like the clones’ modified AT-TE from the previous season but it still had its own flavor and was fun to see.
Oky: All we saw of Wynkahthu was the swirling atmospheric storm which looked fairly menacing and worked as the setting well enough. I’ve always been quite fond of the design of the Dark Troopers, so the look of the sentry droids that were based on them was pretty cool in my opinion, even though they were skinnier than their Legends counterparts. And Hondo’s stolen Imperial Shuttle was neat, too, with its new paint job and added cargo containers.


BEAVeR’s rating: 2/5 – It was a bit like the previous episode, with nice actions and a couple of moments that hinted at something more but eventually led to nothing. Once again, the story was quite bland and some characters do some strange things just to keep the plot moving forward. The episode asks questions it seems to immediately forget about. And characters we have interesting memories of just get recycled so that we get to see them again, like Azmorigan or AP-5. One of the only things that was on point was the humor with almost no lame jokes and a couple of genius ones. Still, it’s sad that a show which can give us stories unlike we’ve ever seen before also gives us something so flat.
Oky’s Rating: 2/5 – You can tell they were trying to do something new and interesting with this episode, but it just didn’t amount to much. The plot was pretty basic, the action scenes felt forced, and the character development was practically non-existent. The stormy setting did give a nice sense of urgency, and Hondo provided some good jokes as usual, but unfortunately, much like the previous episode, this one is not very memorable. Perhaps Hondo, this show’s lucky charm, is losing his touch.


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