Death on two legs

AS-ST Version 2, by Anothergol, on Eurobricks


To each of us as Star Wars fans there will be vehicles that have some kind of a special meaning, something that makes it stand out from the myriad of other ships and vessels for a variety of reasons or maybe even just one. The AT-ST is one such vehicle for me. Memories of ‘chicken-walking’ my original Kenner AT-ST through the weeds and overgrown grass at my mum and dad’s garden when I was a kid still live long and happily in the memory.

Lego has helped me bring a lot of those Star Wars memories back, and the fantastic AT-ST MOC by Anothergol has captured that gangly vessel of destruction and Ewok-bait better than most. The shape of the AT-ST’s cabin has been the bane of many a MOCcer, as has the angles of the Snowspeeder’s wings, but this updated model does everything right. The angled side plates connect with the front area superbly well and the eye sockets and canopies are captured wonderfully. The side mounted canons and lasers are also well detailed and scaled.

The legs of the AT-ST are also something of a problem for Lego builders and the balance of rigidity and bulkiness is a difficult one to find. Anothergol has sacrificed articulation to achieve this but I for one will happily forego that motion for the delicacy of some of those joints and greebling especially around the ‘ankle’ area. The hydraulics and cooling at the rear of the head cabin are simple but effective and the top hatch area opts for accuracy rather than the inclusion of an opening roof hatch, which isn’t needed as the whole roof section is hinged.

To finish things off the MOC is presented in a Hoth vignette in the topic and the footstep detailing of the mischievous rebel trooper in the smooth snow is delicious.

This MOC makes we want to head to my parent’s house again and scout the boundaries of the garden in search of small bear like creatures to squash. Just a shame they’ve got false grass now.


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