You’ve got to hand it to him…

Galactic Master - PRESALE - Very Limited Edition, by Phoenix Custom Bricks, on Flickr


After watching The Force Awakens, and the stupid grin on my face eventually wearing off, and then watching it again several times more, I then started to look at the Lego sets in earnest. I wanted to see the film before committing to buying anything. I needed to like the characters before wanting to own them in two inch plastic form.

Thankfully I did… I cared about Rey and Finn. I even cared about Poe despite his freakish ability to destroy 10 TIE fighters and snipe several Stormies in less than 12 seconds of ridiculous piloting and marksmanship. Thankfully I was able to pick up each of these heroes, and villains, in the Winter and Summer waves of TFA sets.

One figure that remained absent however was that of our gnarled and world-weary Jedi-in-Chief Luke Skywalker… destined to evade us until the release of Episode 8 sets in a year’s time… until now.

Phoenix Customs has majored on the side of Super Hero custom figures and brought many excellent figures to the market but in the last six months or so they’ve also delivered two incredible Star Wars figures in the shape of Luke in Bespin Fatigues and Lando Calrissian in his Cloud City attire, both as limited edition figures. Now Phoenix are releasing this fantastic Sequel Trilogy edition figure of Luke complete with chromed hand.

The figure has custom dyed hairpiece in dark tan which differs from the grey piece of the same colour we’ve seen from the TFA game design. Luke’s robes are done simply but effectively with a nice mix of white and tan on the torso with dark tan legs complimenting the tan robe printing across the front.

Pre-sale of the figure has now passed but very limited numbers of the figure will be available from the Phoenix Customs website in the beginning of the new year.


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