Exuberant Exogorth

This IS NO CAVE!!!, by Outworlder, on Eurobricks


I hear a number of people have always been frightened by episode V’s space slug – or Exogorth, if your tongue is up for a challenge. I’ve actually always liked it, to the point where I feel sorry for it getting shot right in the intestines, having an interior infestation going on and living all alone on a small rock. There’s something so helpless about the obtuse hand puppet with its limited range of motion. It took Outworlder‘s stunning build above to make me realize there was something seriously wrong with me to feel like that. His rendition doesn’t look helpless or harmless, but more lively and threatening. I love how it looks so massive when it completely overshadows those rocks yet so dynamic, reaching for its prey with its mouth wide open, pushing the billions of muscle fibers in its body to the limit. This was cleverly achieved by showing more of the body than we’re used to and by making the motion very vertical. The mouth is wide open, clearly overstretching the jaw muscles, and the tongue sticks forward in the impatient expectation of delight. At the same time, the Exogorth stays close to the ground which highlights how it just comes out of the blue. It is the strange mix of sheer size, speed and a low profile that make this creation so unsettling, and it uses it to full extent. Outworlder captures the one moment in which the giant creature is truly alive. Without that life, this creation is still a marvelously shaped beauty with surprisingly smooth shapes and a superb head which looks at the same time fat and muscular, boasts a perfect row of teeth and has a throat you can get lost in just by looking a tad too long. But with it, this is a creation to remember, one that will feature both in your nightmares as in your dreams. There’s no escaping, so you might just as well check out the topic for more amazing shots.


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