Rebels Review: Imperial Super Commandos


What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: This episode is a nice follow up to The Protector of Concord Dawn. I was wondering what was going to happen with Fenn Rau after the rebels took him prisoner at the end of that episode and here we get the answer. Discovering that the Protectors Camp was attacked during his absence was an interesting development and it helps to make the Rebels universe feel alive. However, the plot was fairly predictable from there as it was clear that Fenn would eventually realize that this was the Empire’s fault and would side with the rebels at the end, making a cliche Han Solo style return towards the end and saving Sabine and Ezra at the last second. It was still an enjoyable episode though as there was some good suspense and action. The jetpack chase through the canyon with Ezra hopping from one person to another while deflecting fire with his lightsaber was particularly cool and very unique.
BEAVeR: It seems to be popular this season to have episodes that follow up on an episode from the previous season. I have nothing against delving deeper into interesting stories, but I don’t feel like the one season delay is needed. It might have been nicer to have this episode following right behind The Protectors of Concord Dawn. That way we might get clearer character development instead of spending a part of this episode recapping what we already know and disrupting the flow of the season a bit. That being said, I liked the fact that we returned to the Mandalorian culture and once again could marvel at its richness, with no less than three different ways of looking at things by three different Mandalorians. However, it never really came to a tantalizing conflicts between the ideologies that have common roots which might have elevated the story to something worth thinking about. The story ended up containing a rather predictable character arc, a marvelous action sequence and tasty hints as to what’s to come which isn’t bad but could have been more.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
393?cb=20161030182650Oky: After not learning much about Sabine in The Antilles Extraction, it was nice to finally get more backstory on her. It is interesting to know that her mother joined the Empire after she left and is looking for her. Whether it is to capture her for the Empire as Saxon suggests or not has yet to be seen. He failed to mention her father which makes me wonder what happened to him. I guess we’ll have to wait a while before we get answers to these questions. Saxon made for a good villain as he was ruthless and cunning. Unfortunately, this episode continues the trend of making Ezra uncharacteristically mostly useless in a Sabine-centric episode, so I was not thrilled with his performance here. He only had one job, to watch Fenn, but he fails to do that before they even land on the planet. Then he gets himself captured and does a terrible job at hiding his true identity.
BEAVeR: The show seems to be struggling to give interesting character arcs to Sabine. They clearly tried this time, but in the end we only got factual information about her and her past, and didn’t really get to know her better like I did in The Antilles Extraction. We once again see that she’s very capable, care’s a lot about her family, believes in what’s good but finds it hard to rhyme it with her past. This episode showed a bit of what we already knew, but not with much depth. She nearly didn’t react to the mentioning of her mother felt strange, but I hope it will become very interesting in the end and change her a bit as character. Fenn Rau was your typical not-so-bad-guy Mandalorian in this episode. It was great to see him display some emotion in this episode, but that’s about all there is to say. Gar Saxon was a threatening bad guy, but also quite typical with nothing really unique or compelling about him. But then again, not every bad guy needs to be complicated and he worked in this episode. Finally, there’s Ezra. It’s a shame that they started this season with really questioning his character, but that he is more the Ezra from season one in the past couple of episodes than the Ezra in season two! It’s a pity that all of the character progression seems to have been erased even if he isn’t the main character in this episode.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
307-trivia-gallery-2_c9a02206.jpeg?regioOky: The only thing new was the paint job for the Phantom II which looked pretty good and included a nice reference to the original Phantom. I don’t think this old Separatist Shuttle will ever be able to truly replace the original Phantom though.:cry_sad: While not a location or vehicle, we did get to see a new holo-game, Cubikahd. The fact that Sabine and Fenn were playing a game from their home world rather than the usual dejarik was a nice touch. Also, the armor of the titular Imperial Super Commandos looked pretty cool as it looked like a cross between Mandalorian and Stormtrooper armor. I love jetpacks, so I’m glad Sabine was able to steal one from them. It was damaged during their escape, but I hope she will be able to fix it. She expressed a desire to have a jetpack in a previous episode, so this was a nice callback to that.
BEAVeR: The Phantom II ended up looking more interesting than I had anticipated, original but still within the same style as its predecessor and with some lovely references. It won’t be long before it finds its place in the heart of the Rebels fans. The Super Commandos introduced the original Boba Fett concept armor in canon, and I couldn’t have imagined a more fitting way to do that. You only have to look at them to see what kind of guys they are, and I’m confident they will make some awesome minifigs. The only thing I found a bit strange was that their jetpacks look so sleek in comparison to what we’re used to. Still, they helped to make that chase sequence a true delight to watch with all of its dynamics, unpredictability, uniqueness and twists.


Oky’s Rating: 4/5 – Mandalorians are one of the most complex races in the Star Wars universe with a rich and complicated history, so it’s always nice to see an episode that revolves around them. It was great seeing the viewpoints of the three main characters conflict each other. Saxon is loyal to the empire while Sabine is sworn to fight it, and Fenn finds himself in the middle as he used to be loyal to the Empire, but is now hunted by it. It’s ironic that Saxon was trying to get Sabine to join him, but causes Fenn to join the Rebels instead. While the plot was somewhat predictable and Ezra was kind of useless, this episode was still very entertaining as it had some good character development and action.

BEAVeR’s rating: 3.5/5 – This episode was interesting because of the stunning chase sequence and because of all of the pieces of information that hint to the future course of the Mandalorian plot. Apart from that it had little new character development and would have been better as a direct sequel to last season’s episode to make the arcs that are there more meaningful. It would also be great to also have background characters acting “right” and not just be vessels for the plot to move along. This episode mostly failed to make me excited about it, but it definitely made me excited as to what’s to come though.


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