“The Target Area is only one Stud Wide. It’s a Small Thermal Exhaust Port”

Damn Rebels!, by Grantmasters, on Flickr


The creations you’re most critical about, are the ones depicting the same thing you once MOCced. The second MOC I ever shared online was a micro TIE-Advanced chasing a micro X-wing, and I was really proud of it. That should make me really critical about similar creations, right? Well, then it means a lot when I don’t have any critique to give on Grantmasters‘ brilliant scene above. In fact, it might be one of the best Star Wars micro scenes I’ve ever seen. It’s insane how Grantmasters only needed nine parts to depict the iconic crafts. Hell, the slope of the fuselage of the X-wing is more accurate than in all of LEGO’s minifig scale sets, and I love how the cockpit and even the cargo bay is so recognizable. The cockpit of the TIE looks nice and spherical as well with the familiar eye structure. It’s truly inspiring to see that where often micro models are just the most recognizable features crammed together, here the whole of the craft still feels like the original, fast and agile, real dogfighters instead of small gimmicks. The same goes for the trench. Yes, it’s nice to look at all of the greebles and marvel at the fun parts usage, but I love it how Grantmasters made everything more horizontal than vertical in a rather subtle fashion, making sure you get that sense of speed so crucial to that scene. And isn’t it awesome how the supports of the ship disappear in the background so that it’s hard to believe those ships aren’t actually flying? The grey bars are so omnipresent in the greebles that you don’t even notice they’re used as support as well: utter genius. This stunning piece is one of those rare micro creations where it isn’t about the use of exotic parts, but about the shaping and suggestions that can be done with the parts most of us have lying around. It’s about distilling a scene to its essence, so that this tiny creation feels just as exciting as a UCS scaled one. It’s too big for my mind to comprehend, so I’ll just head to Grantmasters’ photostream and drool a bit more.


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