Join the Dark Side! We have Burgers…

Food Wars, by Dvd, on Flickr


When you think about it, Star Wars seems so meaningless. Because what are those wars all about? Power over the galaxy? Pfff… there are way more important conflicts to be fought. Like the question of what we’re going to eat this evening. Dvd spotted this obvious fact and illustrated it with a marvelous (hot) dogfight. His scene is a joy to watch. That TIE Burger is just hilarious in its concept. Furthermore I love how you can’t quite put your figure on how organic or technological it really is with a bit of texture here and some greebles there. The same goes for the Vitamin X-wing with its natural fuselage and even foliate rear but not-so-organic engines. That’s just a gift for your imagination: are these GMO’s on a next level? What is the vegetable equivalent of “cyborg”? What if we actually used food as a construction material? … While you ponder those methods you’d never thought you’d ponder, you can let your eyes roam across the rest of Dvd’s build. There’s nothing to distract you there, only things to stimulate you even further. I mean, you have a farm down there, but we’ve just learned food is what this is all about, so doesn’t that technically mean that it actually isn’t a farm but a weapon factory – one supplying to both sides to boot! The idea makes you want to explore, and the execution of this build makes you want to explore it using bricks. Looking at all of those delightful techniques to create fences, waterfalls or cattle definitely creates opportunities in my head. Dvd’s build is so engaging because of the rare combination of a tantalizing concept and inspiring techniques. Where other creations often make you say wow and then move on to the next thing, his build doesn’t just tell a fun story but makes you want to continue it. It invites you instead of silencing you. That’s inspiring. So go ahead, and let the carrot seed that was planted in Dvd’s photostream grow further in you. Unless you first have to decide what you’ll be eating this evening of course.


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