[SoNE Ep XIII] Setting of the Black Sun

SoNE Ep. XIII - Setting of the Black Sun, on Eurobricks


With the treason of Prince Xizor uncovered, both Rebels and Imperials take immediate action to remove all Black Sun agents from their ranks… quietly. With princess Leia as “guest” in Xizor’s palace and Xizor having personal information about Vader, both factions have to go about things stealthily before they unleash the full attack. That’s the premise of the latest episode of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka. As usual, builders from both teams will give the best they have the following month to come up with an entry with a fantastic build and story to fulfill the objective of eradicating the Black Sun. You can be a part of this fun community project! You have until December 1st to sign up, get to know the wonderful people on your team (and also the wonderful people that made the wrong choice and are on the other team), pick one of the assigned planets, build an impressive entry, write a compelling backstory and enjoy the constructive feedback and spirit of collaboration and friendship you’ll get in return. So get ready to claim your spot in the Star Wars universe among a band of brothers and learn something along the way. You can sign up here and read more about the current episode – our thirteenth already – here.


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