Get Your Endor Souvenirs Here!

Endor (Architecture Skylines), by MstrOfPppts, on Eurobricks


Suppose you’re a Rebel who’s just won the battle of Endor. You celebrate, watch at the fireworks and dance with the Ewoks, trying not to think about what their delicious snacks are made from. It’s all nice and all, but eventually it’s time to go home and wow everybody with your tales. You have a stromtrooper helmet and a sliver of Death Star to prove it, but still you’re looking for a pretty souvenir to safely display on your desk. Something like the awesome piece above designed by MstrOfPppts. With it, you’ll wow everyone not just with the story of that huge battle behind it, but with the beautiful execution as well. Everybody will be in awe with how so few pieces give you a perfect idea of the real deal. There’s the Ewok village high in the trees, complete with huts and platforms. There are the equally high but more artificial trees that support the landing platform. In comparison, the bunker looks especially solid. And of course there is the looming shield generator, complete with all of the tidbits that make it so iconic. MstrOfPppts captures all of the essential elements perfectly with rather simple bricks, just like any Architecture set. However, he does something more, so that looking at this simplified version you notice things you hadn’t even noticed on the original. I’m talking about the fine bridges in the village, the details at the underside of the platform, the two domes on top of the bunker or all of the lights in the generator: this creation lets you discover Endor all over again. Combine that with the liveliness of an awesome composition achieved by putting elements at an angle and cleverly contrasting the big with the small, and you have a souvenir that won’t just be sitting on the attic collecting dust. It’s something you’ll keep looking at, that will keep you sending back to Endor, and will make you long for an entire series of these kinds of builds! Get your Endor souvenir that will make all of your coworkers wish they had equally impressive tales to tell here!


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