Mad Malgus: Fury Class

Sith Fury Class Interceptor, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


I’m sure 2012 is a year a lot of LEGO Star Wars fans remember fondly. It was the year of the very useful Endor battlepack, the excellent TIE fighter that set a new standard, Jabba’s long awaited palace and gems like the UCS R2-D2. It was a strong year, but if you ask me, the most awesome set of them all didn’t appear in the list above. It was the Sith Fury-class Interceptor. It had the details, it had the play features, it had the design. It looks tiny and clumsy now though. We have markus1984 to thank for that.

We’re used to seeing MOCs here that resemble their source material like two grains of sand. I’m not overly familiar with the source material of this one, but a quick image search shows me this one is quite a different grain of sand. The front is bulkier, the cockpit looks bigger, the details are less greebly. Does that make this a bad MOC? On the contrary! I think I prefer this ship to the original. With its bulky nature the ship sets itself apart from the slew of TIE like ships. The heavy front makes it look like it packs some serious punch, storming into battle with stretched arms and clenched fists. The cockpit doesn’t look like it’s hiding away but looks more like the beating hart of the ship, the core from which everything else follows. From the core everything grows until it becomes larger than life. The almost disproportionate front tells you what the priorities of this ship are: coming in with high speed and brute force. I can really feel the fury in this one. markus1984 succeeded wonderfully in detaching himself from what sometimes feels like the tyranny of the details. Not every detail was meticulously copied. But the details don’t make the ship. Some subtleties do, like the extra thin edge of the wings or the extra prongs in the front, and indeed they are present here. markus1984 worked with the elements that matter and put his own spin on things: it’s creativity in reproduction. So is it accurate? Not really. Does it look awesome? Absolutely! Go check out the topic, that already made this year one to remember for me.


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