The One with the Hole in it

Teemto Pagalies' Podracer, by cecilie, on Eurobricks


Some people watch movies with a bucket of popcorn at their side. When I was small, I watched Star Wars with a bucket of bricks at my side. All of the reference material I had apart from some small pictures my father printed for me were the movies themselves. That made watching the movies the best time to get building. Another reason was that some scenes made me so excited that I couldn’t wait to represent them with bricks (who am I kidding, talking in the past tense!). One of those scenes was the podrace, with its many strange creatures, high tension and of course delicious outlandish podracers. No wonder cecilie‘s rendition of “the one with the hole in it” makes me so excited. Not only because of those memories, but also from the execution. Those curved shapes of the engines are exceptionally well managed. It’s ingenious how the two-wide segments are wider at the extremities. It makes the construction easier but it also ensures there’s a really smooth and curved edge which prevents the engines from seeming only minutes away of coming apart. Making sure there are patterns like coloring or fine lines perpendicular to the engines helps to keep it together even more, and transform the axial lines into something that suggests speed. The engines look tough with all of those masterfully brick built lines of the perfect thickness. And if you thought the shape of the engines was tricky, have a look at the pod. That one has and a curve and pointy edges and a hole in the middle (apparently because that’s a stabilizer). cecilie manages it all and ended up accentuating the rough surface to prove that podracing isn’t something for kids but something for hard boiled drunken Veknoids. She also proves building a decent podracer isn’t something for kids, but something for fiercly fighting MOC Olympics finalists who can turn blocks into curves and connection points into gorgeous details. But don’t let that stop you from checking out the topic with your bucket of bricks at your side to cope with the excitement!


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