It’s too Tiny to be a Space Station

Death Star II midi-scale, by JINWONPARK, on Rebrickable


If I say “Star Wars”, what’s the first image that pops up in your head? Do you see Darth Vader, X-wings, a binary sunset or Willrow Hood? It’s safe to say that many people will see the Death Star. The iconic design is just so essential to Star Wars, appearing in some way or another in more than half of the movies, and in stores as clocks and even as ice cube trays for just 12.99$. Everywhere you look there are versions galore, except when you look at MOCs. The reasons for that lack of Death Star exterior MOCs seem obvious: to make it look properly intimidating you need a whole lot of parts, with LEGO’s smallest brick-built rendition already clocking in at about 3500 pieces. And the spherical shape terrifies MOCcers just as much as the battle station did the Rebels. But then there’s JINWONPARK‘s midi-scale Death Star II that does away with those two reasons. It only needs about 750 pieces and about the size of a melon to look just as intimidating as the real deal. The harsh, ominous lighting factor into this, but the tiny details have a big part to play as well. Their size accounts only for a part of the effect. Did you notice how similar all of the details are? The builder used a limited amount of pieces, which creates a cluttered but homogeneous look. Just like in the big version, the homogeneity of the details make you realize you’re not even seeing the details yet, but merely the rough outline of the supports etc. Combine this with a nearly perfectly executed sphere with details sprinkled throughout and a clean inclusion of the concave dish, and you have a killer creation that should belong on very LEGO Star Wars enthusiast’s desk. Not just to look at, but also to learn from. Luckily free instructions to JINWONPARK’s incredible creation are available over on Rebrickable!


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