Space Phantosy

Star Wars Rebels - The Phantom, by goatman461, on Eurobricks


Beware the minor spoiler for the first episode of the third season of Rebels in the next sentence! Because I can’t wait to tell you about how sad seeing the Phantom go made me, especially now I get to blogging this creation. goatman461 is the one we can thank for this amazing minifig-scale rendition of the Rebels’ small but versatile spacecraft. He already created one some time ago, but this time it looks even better and features all of the changes the ship underwent in the second season of the show. Even more than the previous model, it features a lovely shape full of slight angles and seamless transitions between them. Just look at how nicely the cockpit slots into the main body. Probably my favorite part is the dark grey area around which the wings fold up. It effortlessly combines a tastefully detailed slope with a delicately rounded edge. In fact, all of the dark grey areas are good areas, with the cleverly built trapezoid, Chopper socket and gun at the top, which all have something wonderfully clean about them. The same goes even for the bulky engines. goatman461 did an excellent job of capturing every edge and every detail of the Phantom, and still making it look like it has just come out of the spaceship wash, especially with that stellar photography. That doesn’t just make it pretty to look at, but also forms a nice contrast with the bulky shape of the ship. It definitely shines like a high end car, but its shape is as far from that high end car as Tatooine is from the bright center of the universe. It’s an interesting contrast that gives this build an own identity, apart from its source material. So join me in goatman461’s topic, intrigued about how a MOC can do something completely new with something long known.


2 thoughts on “Space Phantosy

    • Nicholas, sorry, no manual, but I’m happy to help you work through it if you want to build your own.

      BEAVeR, Thank you! for another gracious blog post. I’m very glad you enjoyed this build

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