[SoNE XII] Game of Clues

Back to the hydrospanner, by Jannik, on Eurobricks


The tense waiting is over with the results of the twelfth episode of SoNE just in. The Rebels had the upper hand in builds, including the one by Jannik above, which was the best in the contest. His sweetly shaped X-wing, crisp floor, variety of useful tools and slick presentation make his build the deserved winner. He also incorporated his seed element, a spoiler with bar, extremely clever as missile rack, giving the element both an aesthetic and a functional use. However, the difference wasn’t big enough to reassure the Rebellion of winning: approximating the secret model based on all of the publically known parts and parts hidden in enemy builds was the key to winning. The Rebels guessed it was an Imperial loader droid. The Imperials were convinced it was a StarViper class attack platform, producing an excellent build to prove it. In fact, the secret model was such a ship, to be more specific the Virago, prince Xizor’s personal ship. Below you can see how accurate the Imperial model on the left, conceived by LucasLaughing, was to the secret model on the right, realized by myself.

StarViper class attack platform, by LucasLaughing, in the episode XII results on Eurobricks Prince Xizor's Virago, by BEAVeR, on Eurobricks


This means the Empire emerges victorious after all! The secret model being prince Xizor’s ship means something else as well… That the next episode is going to be exciting and explosive! Now is a great time to dive into SoNE to build and tell your own story in that galaxy far, far away. You can begin by signing up here, exploring the results and the various entries of this episode here or learning about the elusive secret model here. And then there’s struggling to decide which of all of your brilliant ideas you will bring to life…


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