An Imperial Jaw Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer, presented by OliveSeon, on Flickr


Did it hurt when your jaw dropped to the floor? My guess is that you don’t remember because you were too busy enjoying the incredible Star Destroyer above. It’s over 2 meters/7 feet long, over 50 kgs/110 lbs, composed of 42,000 bricks, designed by BrickInside and built by OliveSeon, of whom we’ve come to expect only the best… Reading about this creation is enough to get you excited. Still, it can’t prepare you for the stunning pictures.

Of course there are the awesome greebles, that are different on every Star Destroyer MOC but always spot on and pretty to look at, especially with this creation. What’s special about them is that the greebles aren’t homogeneous all over the ship: clearly different areas have a distinct flavor. The trench at the side has a lot of technical tubes and vents going on, while the details on the raised parts resemble more windows and form more regular, isolated blocks. In the back everything is bigger and more robust. Often, you just skim over vast expanses of greebles, just getting the overall feel of chaos, complexity, texture and beauty. But here it goes farther: you don’t skim over them, but investigate them. I love how the greebles become more than just pretty details and make you want to understand the structure of the ship better. A structure that is true to the actual way the ship works as well! They make the ship much more real and therefore menacing. Not that it needed those greebles to intimidate. The shapes are clean, the lines sharp, giving it something terribly effective and inescapable. They make those small elevations on the body pop as well, making sure the vast expanse of grey never looks boring and always looks huge. That’s also thanks to the clever play of tiles, with the 4×4 variants and all and some gorgeous areas where there is a series of tiles with some nice gaps between them, redefining what you can do to detail a smooth and flat surface. This Star Destroyer is a stunning piece of work, so good that it makes you forget it’s made of bricks and so educational once you realise it is. And also so beguiling that I still don’t feel the pain in my jaw. If you already do, I think the best remedy will be to lose yourself in the pictures of the beast on Flickr.


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