[UCS] Blockade Runner – A New Hope!

 UCS Blockade Runner, by mortesv, on Eurobricks


Way back in about 1983, and before the days of DVDs and even VCRs being commonly available, I first saw Episode IV.  I was only about 8 years old, and it was the first time that it had been shown on television.  Perhaps I should mention that there was only 4 channels available in the UK at the time, just to give you an idea of how much things have progressed since then!

I was instantly captivated by the opening sequence of the Blockade Runner fleeing from a Star Destroyer, and that moment became the catalyst of my Star Wars obsession in the following decades.  TLG released 10019 in 2001 as one of the first UCS sets; it was a brave attempt, but clearly hampered by a relatively limited array of parts available at that time.  Scroll forward 15 years and it’s clearly in need of an upgrade, especially when compared against the newer models, so hopefully it will be on TLG’s ‘to do’ list in the next few years.

In the meantime, one of Eurobricks most talented builders has stepped in to fill the void.  Despite being rather busy in his personal life, mortesv has managed to create this masterpiece, which is undoubtedly worthy of the ‘UCS’ designation.  Comprising 2,800 elements and 250 different part types, it’s a beautiful replica of the original studio model.  As you’d expect, it’s crammed with details; the engine block is in a different league to the original, and I love the little top-mounted antenna.  My only reservation is mortesv’s choice of mounting system; the trans-clear cylinders and blocks don’t look overly stable!  Head over to the dedicated thread and take a look at the other images of it.


One thought on “[UCS] Blockade Runner – A New Hope!

  1. mortesv, you’ve gone and created another thing of beauty. The Tantive IV is hardly an uncommon subject, and yet seeing your creation gives me the feeling that, at last, someone has done it justice. It’s rich in detail, to the extent that it cannot be completely appreciated from any one angle, and as usual, your attention to shaping and proportion is nothing short of impeccable.

    When you first shared your 10030 mods five years ago, I remember wondering what your original creations would look like and when you would share them. Then there was that AT-AT you posted on April 1st, which was only a small taste of things to come… looking at this model, your lovely GR-75, and of course your Medical Frigate, you’ve truly cemented yourself as one of the most talented Star Wars builders in this community, and I am glad to see you still here after all these years.

    Now fix that blue engine glow. :p


    P. S.: The flags actually do a very good job. I’m kind of surprised by how well they work at approximating that area. They are a good stylistic ‘fit’ and blend in seamlessly with your greeble-dense build.

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