75159 UCS Death Star Revealed

75159 UCS Death Star, as discussed in the 2016 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks


LEGO has come out with the official high-resolution images and press statement of the 75159 Death Star, this year’s second entry in the Ultimate Collector’s Series. With the press release came a statement that this is an update of the previous version that was so successful, instead of it being a completely new entity. The set indeed looks almost identical to the previous one, with the difference being an extra 200 pieces scattered across various scenes, a needed update of all the minifigs, the addition of three new ones and a heftier price tag. Now the set contains 4016 pieces, making it the second largest Star Wars set to date, after the UCS Millennium Falcon and before the previous incarnation of the Death Star. The 23 minifigs are a new record though, and they all look fabulous, with a wonderful new Tarkin, Han with a stellar hairpiece, the long awaited updated Leia and some droids and Imperial crew you’ve never seen before. The increase in price brings it to 499.99 USD / 499,99 EUR / 399.99 GBP. As for the build, it’s largely the same although new spring loaded shooters have been incorporated. In short, it’s a fix for all of those parts of the old version that were desperately out of date, but not a bit more than that. It’s certainly a set to be remembered though, with all of the debate that has been going on about it for weeks already. And who knows, maybe this is the first in line of older sets being rereleased with minor updates, even though LEGO has explicitly stated that “this is not an indication of any future re-release or set updates.” I’m sure there is a lot to be watched, read and discussed in the news thread!


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