Remakes are a Dish Best Served Cold

T-47 Snowspeeder, 2016 Edition, by Brickdoctor, on Eurobricks


Being an AFOL comes with a host of happy moments. However, there are sad ones too, like when you realize one of your favorite builders hasn’t uploaded something in a long time. I had such a sad realization with Brickdoctor, who used to create awesomely accurate midi and minifig-scaled Star Wars vehicles and has been a constant inspiration to me, and whom I have learned to know by working on this blog and in the forum. Apart from the happy and sad moments, there are also ecstatic ones. I lived such a moment a week ago, when I saw the magnificent snowspeeder above and saw the name of its creator.

It was definitely worth the wait, because this version blows his previous one out of the molten snow! Actually, it’s better than any rendition of the snowspeeder I’ve seen, with those absolutely perfect wings. The angle of them is right in every direction, while there are no studs and the edges of the wings are perfectly smooth, a combination that has never been achieved before. The subtle angled lines on the surface of the wing make for an interesting texture as well. Another lovely area are the intakes with the smooth shape and perfect separation of colors, in which nothing gives away it’s made out of plastic bricks. I love how this model uses techniques that are far from straightforward and that must have required a lot of work to incorporate without any gaps just to give it that extra touch I love so much in Brickdoctor’s work. The way he details his model is incredible as well, exploring options no one has thought of before. The laser cannons look so good thanks to – who would have guessed? – train axles, and a look at the back of the model with the perfectly fitted old ribbed Technic bushes is enough to convince you that not a single area was finished before the optimal solution had been found. Not the detail on the lower airbrakes, not the tiny asymmetric features I’ve never noticed before, not the tiny inward angle of the cannons. This is what happens if you don’t create anything for years: your creations ripen. You take your time to finish a creation even though it’s rather small. You can combine the observations of years of watching other creations to come up with something new and sensational. Something that delights me with every new picture I encounter in the topic. Something that makes me ecstatic. If years is what it takes for such a glorious return with such a creation, I’ll gladly wait them out. Turns out that moment years ago wasn’t a sad one after all.


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