I Want to Make Free

Scavenger, by Cole Blaq, on Flickr Eclipse, by Cole Blaq, on Flickr


They say it’s pretty good, but I must confess I haven’t seen The Freemaker Adventures just yet. What I have seen are the sets of this summer’s wave that are based on LEGO’s own animated Star Wars-based production. In fact, the Star Scavenger and Eclipse Fighter with their interesting designs look like the most interesting sets of the summer to me. Designs I appreciate even more after seeing Cole Blaq‘s stunning pocket-sized replicas of them. He captures every aspect I love about these ships I barely know with just a couple of bricks. The unique fins and bulky head of the Scavenger and the intriguingly aggressive shape and striking paint job of the Eclipse. The cobbled together look of the first and the unsettling alien vibe of the second. The shape is very elaborate for creations of this size, thanks to the use of a variety of larger curved parts that give the ships a solid and pretty big, even a bit intimidating appearance. The apparent size is enlarged as well by giving the ships a lot of disjointed patches of color without interfering with the cohesion of them. It makes these small creations inferior to bigger models only in physical size. In fact, I think these small models may even break free from the source material and have more character than their bigger brothers. The cockpit of the Scavenger looks way more firm with that perfect marriage of unexpected pieces, and the color scheme of the Eclipse is more jagged and pointed thanks to that great use of those slope pieces. And no matter how you turn it, if the images on the boxes of the official sets would only look remotely like the professional presentation of these marvels, the already nice designs would become irresistible like these gems. Yes, irresistible is the word. So do yourself a favor and give in to the urge to take a closer look at these small wonders.


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