Just Some Missiles Walking Through the Street

Star Wars Commander: Imperial Aggression, by ~Brick, on Flickr


With all of the high-stakes action in the movies, it’s often hard to understand what daily galactic life is like under Imperial regime. It’s a life in which you need to be constantly on the lookout, steering clear of where shifty things are happening. It’s a life that can be interrupted any moment by a question of a soldier. It’s a life in which you can easily see the consequences for those who answer those questions wrongly. And it’s a life in which it’s hardly extraordinary to see an intimidating, two-legged missile platform confidently walking and looking around, ready to bring death and destruction when necessary. Or when seemingly necessary.

At least, that’s what I can tell from ~Brick‘s incredible scene. The main attraction is the All Terrain Missile Platform that was reintroduced to canon in the mobile game Star Wars: Commander. It towers over everything else in the scene. At the same time it has to bend through its legs to support the heavy weight of all of the missiles it’s carrying. It looks ready to lighten its aggressively red burden at any moment too, its feet firmly planted in the ground. The walker isn’t about details but about robustness and strength. The shape, pose and accents tell you all you need to know about this AT-MP. Still the environment really adds to the creation, making it about more than a tank. It’s about the Empire using it in an ordinary, recognizable, lovely angled, appealingly layered, tastefully colored but especially universally familiar city. A city with ordinary people that react to what’s happening, or even more frighteningly, don’t react at all… The combination of the awesome but terrifying machine and the otherwise peaceful and recognizable scenery makes for a unique creation that grips you and makes you think. It transports you to that galaxy far far away, even though you don’t necessarily want to… But this creation is such a strong piece of work by an incredibly talented builder, you’ll want to check out his photostream regardless.


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