Bobble Hett and Friends

Star Wars Bobbleheads, by LegoJalex, on Eurobricks


Boing, boing, dzjeng! There is something mesmerizing about bobble heads, isn’t there? I really like those disproportionate and hyperactive statuettes even though (or maybe because?) I don’t own any. I can understand that there are people who can’t stand something constantly bouncing around in their peripheral vision though. Unless, of course… that restless head is made of bricks and represents a Star Wars character, like LegoJalex‘ marvels above. Surely, no one is able to resist those! Just look at them, little more than colorful boxes. Colorful boxes that are lovably plain and instantly recognizable with those hairdos and clothes, capturing the essence of every character with some simple bricks and nice surprises like the grooved ones. The more complicated helmets have been kept simple enough to perfectly fit in with all of the others. That doesn’t prevent them from being pretty clever though: the iconic visor of Fett’s helmet looks as stunning as ever and the angled “cheeks” of the stormtrooper give it a dynamic appearance. LegoJalex brilliantly designed every one of them to be unique despite their simplicity and despite their clearly belonging to the same set: true collector’s items! More genius is his design of the bobble function though. You’d think it’s something with custom springs or maybe a contraption with official rubber bands. Nope, his solution is way more creative, elegant and simple than that: it’s that big, thin antenna piece which I’m sure you have all been plucking on at some point to enjoy the dzjeng. I think LegoJalex is the first one awesome enough to realize this quirk can be used as a function, and judging by the videos the result looks amazing: just bobbly enough! The bonus is that you can position the head however you want. I’ll have that genius invention in my peripheral vision, please! If you’re not sharing my enthusiasm, that won’t take long. Just have a look at the video in LegoJalex’ topic and you’ll be nodding your head in approval.


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