Suck on this, Pod Engine!

DUM-series pit droid, by nobu_tary, on Flickr


Sometimes a single part can inspire an entire awesome build, even if the part seems cumbersome and useless and the reference material is something rather mundane and clumsy. That seems to be the case for nobu_tary, a big drill piece and the DUM-series pit droid. The builder managed to see potential in a piece most of us will quickly discard, thinking that it can only be used as a drill and as an ice cream cone. He recognized the amazingly detailed underside of the piece as the perfect eye for a pit droid. He succeeded in connecting it to some other pieces, and built an entire head and body around it. I love how nobu_tary kept the way too long and thin limbs and neck pieces and the lumpy fingers that give the droid that clumsy look, yet at the same time gave it a pronounced chest and a pose which make it look ready to take up any task. It’s amazing how he surpassed the source material by making subtle changes you won’t notice at first but do succeed in making it look like a very useful and effective little droid. Just look at the gleaming eye, retracted neck, spread legs and clenched fists attached to determined and detailed arms. It doesn’t look like this guy will be sucked in easily by a pod engine! Just our luck, because it would be a shame to see this creatively conceived, beautifully built and professionally posed guy go. I would even miss his simple but somehow attractive tool. It truly is amazing how nobu_tary created such a character with character using just a drill piece and otherwise fairly common parts. It’s all he needs to build a droid I’d immediately hire if I were the owner of a podracer. Sadly I’m not. Are you? Well then, you can talk to its current owner in his photostream to see if you can make a deal.


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