Another Rogue One

UCS Rogue Shadow, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


Back in 2008 when a strange, black, TIE-like ship called Rogue Shadow appeared in my LEGO catalog, I knew nothing about it except for what the small text in the catalog told me. I was intrigued. Catalogs stopped providing those texts not much later. At the present day a vaguely familiar, grey and TIE-like ship appears on my computer screen. Indeed, it’s still called the Rogue Shadow, and to be honest I still don’t know much more about it than what that catalog told me about it. But markus1984‘s rendition intrigues me way more than the one from 2008.

I don’t need any information to marvel at how this creation succeeds in being both fast, bulky and menacing. I love how the cockpit seems to threateningly peek from the inside of the ship, calmly waiting for its prey. The bold colors in that interesting pattern remind me of warning colors on dangerous animals but with an intriguing geometric twist. It perfectly fits with the asymmetric features of the ship that make you uneasy because you don’t know what to expect. The asymmetry is everywhere from the obviously different wings, off-center engine, greeble sections and even something as subtle as the prongs that have different widths. At the same time, there’s a wonderful associative symmetry in the model. The feeling of the wings is similar with the rounded backs and pointed fronts, some details are repeated on both sides in a variation, and the shape of greebles corresponds on both sides. The result? That black blob at starboard looks very unsettling… It gives the whole ship something shadowy, something otherworldly… This isn’t your usual awesome and huge creation by markus1984. It’s a recreation of a ship that he studied and translated so carefully he captured not just the essence, but every single aspect of its character in a marvelous feat. So if you weren’t intrigued in 2008, I’m sure you are now, and long to see more pictures.


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