Light it up, Boys!

X-wing (Incom T-65), by dmaclego, on Eurobricks


So just two articles ago we were talking about bases and hangars. Still looking for an awesome ship to go with it? Well, unless your base is truly stellar, I suggest you pick some other model than dmaclego‘s X-wing. It’s just so perfect that no one will look at anything else. What do you want with those perfect lines? That perfect shaping of the nose in an innovative upside down construction. The seamless way the cockpit meshes with the fuselage. And that near perfect proportioning of the engines, which is notoriously hard to do. Furthermore you have to admire how all of the gaps were filled in, like with those Technic half beams. Yet there’s more that makes this rendition unique. Never before have I seen such perfect texture with those tiles that make up the fuselage and wings. And such details! Who doesn’t relish in those amazingly tightly packed greebles in the back with such extremely fine lines, that are just so accurate? Have you ever seen such details even on the insides of the wings and undersides of the exhausts? Is not every single piece in the lasers a marvel, even using visors? Words hardly describe how well it all comes together. It’s incomprehensible how with all that goodness there’s still room for an amazing set of lights, or phenomenal landing gear like in no other rendition, or such a smoothly executed underside, or such a nicely working wing mechanism, or such a realistic interior where even the spiraling cable of the targeting computer has been represented. This is truly an X-wing suited for every need. You can fly it around under every conceivable angle and still have it look incredible. You can dive in the pilot’s seat. You can have it landed, you can marvel at it by day and by night. It’s a splendid achievement by dmaclego that outshines even the best of hangars. It surely is a pity to risk loosing these guys in battle! Still, even though the crew is chilling with some music, it looks like it’s being made ready to depart. So hurry yourself to the topic right now!

X-wing (Incom T-65), by dmaclego, on Eurobricks

One thought on “Light it up, Boys!

  1. A while ago I accidentaly found your blog note about my AT-AT model. And now this. What can I say? I’m immensely flattered and just happy that my models – in which I really put my whole heart – seem to please a handful of fellow LEGO-fans. Thank you very much for your kind words, BEAVeR; I find them very encouraging.

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